Dream Trip - East coast to west coast


Rahul Kulshrestha
Day6: Araku - Vishakhapatnam

Post lunch I started for Borra caves, mood was bad as I had to pay twice for the food which I ate, can't do anything. So with a baggage of being cheated started forward journey.

As went ahead Araku is also famous for its coffee. Saw plantation and few shops on the way selling coffee beans and drink. But don't stop. Ghats road were beautiful for me it was a bit of Kumaon in monsoon. Wet clean roads, fresh smell of trees, curvy roads...

I reached Borra caves. These caves are formed due to limestone erosion from the mountains. Best part of Andhra Pradesh tourism is they have opened all tourists activities. But if you talk about defence operated tourist spot they are closed.


AP tourism has made good lighting in the caves.
Post visiting them the first thought came into my mind was to find a petrol pump and call it a day. Secondary thought came into mind, let's continue and reach Vishakhapatnam.

While driving towards Vishakhapatnam, I stopped for a full tank and that costed me a bomb. Around 3200 rs was billed for 40 Lt fuel. I felt like being scammed, I went back and enquired about the per litre price of Diesel and to my horror it was 79.something.

Can't do anything about that, when you drive a car, you have to get her filled to keep moving.
Went to railway station parking, which I felt would be a better idea as they are huge and safe.


Rahul Kulshrestha
Day7: Morning at Vishakhapatnam was a bit wet.. wake up and got free from morning routine, went for the breakfast.
Post that I moved towards a tata service center as one of the injector was not fitted properly when it was last taken out to refit the tappet cover to resolve a oil leak.
As usual they had a cold response, so got directed towards the market to get it fixed.
Post that I went towards the navy museum, to my horror it was closed. So clicked few pictures and now I was missing the bcmt sticker on the car.

Checked google and went to many shops to get sticker printed. Finally in the evening got that printed and it was on the rear door .

This was the first day where I took the room , went back to the room and slept there.



Rahul Kulshrestha
Day 8 : Vishakhapatnam to Vijayawada

Last night was spent well in a small hotel for 400 rs. I preferred the hotel as it has been approx 4 days since I have bathed, so I took the option to stay in the cheapest hotel using gobibo.
Around 7 in the morning I went to a nearby road stall to have my daliy morning breakfast of idli, wada and poori (north indian bhatoora).

Started off for the Vijayawada.

On the way, I was very happy to see rice fields and large coconut farms sort.


Since I was looking for the places to visit on the way in a 50-100 km detour. The map suggested me to visit the Kakinada bird sanctuary. As roads were beautiful and haathi was happy to cruze 80-90 kmph on smooth roads.

I took a small detour to kakinada bird sanctuary thinking that its a sanctuary and it will take a lot of time visit. However, to my surprise, it was a biodiversity park that was opening towards bay of Bengal. I was unable to understand the reason for saying that it's a bird sanctuary by AP tourism. That biodiversity park was smaller than the gurgaon biodiversity park. But you can't complain as you have already paid for the camera and entry, only you can enjoy whatever you have.



They have a watchtower which was open to the general public, that had great views.

Once done with the bird sanctuary I resumed for Vijayawada.


In outskirts of Vijayawada, I tried to park my car for night stay at a petrol pump. However, the petrol pump guys didn't let me stay there so I have to continue my journey. I found a decathlon store, went in to buy a pair of new shoes. Spoke to the manager there to let me stay in the parking lot , as he was from Delhi he instantly agreed to stay. Had my dinner and called it for the day ...