Drive from Kolkata to Tea Estate with Baikuntpur Forest & Sundar Basti in the Darjeeling


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"Do you know what Tea Tourism is ?"

"I do. Tourists get the opportunity to stay a few days on a tea-plantation. A number of managers bungalows have been turned into tourist accommodations."

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Why dont you take to the Tea Estates of Darjeeling whenever you go there for work. You got many clients there.
Actually I keep very busy and I dont get time son. Someday I will take you.
My 9 Year old kid in class 4, went off to another room with a drooling face :(

The following day was a parent teacher meeting in his school. The first question in the form of a ranting, I got from the class teacher was

"Why dont you take your son to see how tea is manufactured, since you got clients in Darjeeling district."

The question came as if I dont care about my son's happiness anymore , and this school of his is very protective about their students.
I replied, "I will Ma'am".
She ranted back, " When ?"

I replied,"Soon"
She inquired,"How soon".

Understood she wanted a date to confirm.
I said,"this week end" , in my mind calculation started 1st of August 2016 is a holiday for him so if we start on Friday 29th night since he has school that day we can reach easily on 30th morning siliguri. 1st August is a holiday for them.

"OK", she answered satisfactorily

Returned home called wife,narrated the entire incident and said since today is Wednesday we are leaving on Friday.

Now main problem was which Tea estate to choose.
I added up that I must take him to a tea estate to see the entire process. How about adding Forests to the trip, maybe the unknown ones, like Baikanthapur Forest and Mal Forest with few rivers like MAl Nady and Neora River, they will look awesome in this monsoon.
So be it North Bengal. Zindabad

So planning started .

Few teaser pics


Our Stay



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So, The Itinerary was something like this.

Friday 29th July 16,
Son will come from school and rest
I will finish all pending work, fill Bolero to its brim and return to home by 6 PM
Wifey will do all the packing, including Dinner, as I do not want to waste time. Plan to have it inside the Vehicle. Enough Tissues, Crate of Water (Bottled). Different kind of munches.
Start By 8 PM

Saturday 30th Reach Siliguri via Rudel straight to Islampur.
Finish By 1.30 PM , Take lunch and go to Lataguri to Gorumara Forest.
Come back to malbazar , try out the well known Momos of opposite Hanuman Mandir, and drive through (short cut) the Tea Estate via Meanglass Tea estate of
Goodricke to our destination near Lava Lolegaon. :). Rest.

Sunday 31st Go inside the tea estate, various sections, to the factory to see how Darjeeling Tea is made
Go to Mal Forest
Go to Mal Nady (River )
Go to Neora Hydel Project to see Neora River, near Neora Valley
Return to the Bungalow to party with Estate Manager and family. We were invited to a dinner.

Monday 1st August 16
Go to BAikuntapur Forest
Go to Sundar Basti - A small Hamlet near Suntalekhola
Go to Suntalekhola and Chapramari , Meet The director and return to the bungalow

Tuesday 2nd August
Start return journey round 6 AM

But Friday from morning the work pressure was huge and by the time I was free it Was 6.30 PM. Called Wife to get ready , an will fuel up after we start from Home around 8.30 pm

and 8.30 PM it was when we started , Road was clear, less traffic and Kona expressway was excellent as usual , Crossed Dankuni around 9.30 PM and somewhere after Baidyabati, Tarakeswar crossing , We thought of having dinner inside the Vehicle ,


W took the Burdwan- SH7 - Panchgram and turn right towards Suki more.
Reached Moregram BP Petrol Pump Dhab around 1.45 AM. As usual Parimal was still there waiting for us
2016-06-05 23.57.54.jpg

2016-06-05 23.58.12.jpg

2016-06-06 02.19.03.jpg

Started again around 2 AM after 15 mins break

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Chalo .......let's go.
Great start dada. Yes tea garden tourism is the new thing. Added flavor is raw nature surrounding. I went Takdah and the Bungalow there is really royal. Keep pouring.