Drive from Kolkata to Tea Estate with Baikuntpur Forest & Sundar Basti in the Darjeeling


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After enjoying at the river Neora, which was in full motion due to monsoon , it was time to go inside the Mal Forest, on back drop.


Pronil wanted to throw more stones in the river but ...........


We drove inside the Mal forest and came to a halt where the mud road ends..... Believe me it seemed dangerous to get off the Jeep, the experience was awesome. The silence, the noise of different birds, insects was something I never heard before. Few example are like, as if someone is playing with the bells in a temple, or someone has just switched on a water pump etc etc. Silly me could have recorded the sound. The eeriness of the place even made my son to be silent and still. This was an unprotected forest, usually not for tourists, and a complete natural habitat of wild animals like, Leopards, wild boars, snakes of all kinds, leeches with a size a finger, wild dogs..... and herds of elephants





Mr. Kaushal was mentioning to pay attention to a typical sound made by some birds, resemblances elephant nearby. THE road ends here.
My son never wanted to come down from the jeep. And icing on the cake was no mobile signal :( . Though I was joking about some wild animals to come yet, in my mind I was scared too. Gorumara or other Reserved forest guards at least knew you were here, but in this case nobody would come for your help, only if you are lucky to meet some village goers.



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After spending some time it was time to go back to the factory, for my son to see the weathering process and tea manufacturing process, when he asked Mr. Kaushal "Uncle I want to see the place where you enjoy your picnics, Dad told me about it." HE agreed with a smile on his face. "We will go to section 12 of the Estate near the MAl river. Now this river falls into Murti river near MAl Bazar, in Jalpaiguri District. Our Garden was in Darjeeling District.


Drving towards the river .urrrr . Picnic spot




A view from our Bungalow



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Pronil fell in the stream. On his request no photos of his wet trouser is given, We went straight to the factory. In fact, in North Bengal, every nook and corner I find a beautiful sight, the lush green nature during monsoon, is too beautiful