Drive to the Westerns Ghats Oct '18

Anup WS

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Total Distance : 750 Km

Route Taken : BLR-Chikkamagalur- Charmudi- Dharmasthala - Chikkamagalur-Baba budangiri-Belur-BLR

Vehicle: Renault Lodgy

This was a family drive on a weekday. This was a long pending trip. I upgraded my car from Maruthi Ertiga to a Lodgy recently and this is the first long drive with the new member.

It was 3 from my family and 4 of my relatives who were a part of this trip. My relatives stay in Chikkamagaluru. On 2nd Oct I started from BLR at about 5 am and reached CKMLR. We started towards Dharmasthala.

The initial journey was peaceful with good roads. Soon after I closed in towards Mudigere the road conditions changed from decent to worse. The stretch from Mudigere to Ujire is in pathetic conditon due to the recent rains. The hairpins have one side of the road accessible for the cars. The other side is filled with big rocks and not leveled out. A couple of hairpins have experienced a land slide. It was a hectic drive as the car was full. The Lodgy surprisingly handled well and the 3rd row passengers didn't complain much. It was a delightful news for me. Driving the Lodgy is also quite fun with decent power on offer. After so much of rain the entire stretch was fully green and a pleasant scene.
We reached the Temple on time. It was a very sunny day and I knew it would rain while returning. I thought of taking a different route for the return journey as we had to make it back to CKMLR the same day. But as it was a weekday there wasn't much traffic, so decided to head back in the same route. The most important fact was I hadn't stopped in Charmudi for pics. Charmudi is one of my favorite places in Kanataka.

I gracefully forgot my DSLR at home for this trip. The pics have been shot using my Pocophone F1.

Here are the pics

And the beautiful Charmudi

I had stopped at one of the view point where there was parking available for about 45 mins. The weather changed from sunny to foggy all of sudden and it was a beautiful sight. This is the reason I love this place. It was about to rain and I started my return journey. I could see all happy faces in the car. That's all I could ask for. Happy me.

Day 2 will be continued ...................

Anup WS

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Day 2 : Chikkamagalur-Bababudangiri-Chikkamagalur-CR patna-Bangalore

It was a lazy start after a tiring day. The weather was just perfect for some roaming around. The elders decided to stay back home and we the cousins headed towards the hills. "GREEN" is the best word to describe the environment, though its sadly being destroyed rapidly. We can refer the Western ghats as "HULKistan" :mrgreen::supz: for obvious reasons.

As it was a weekday we were the only humans out of the very few in the hills. The entire stretch was deserted which was just awesome. No honking, no rush to overtake, Nobody in a hurry just a perfect outing. We stopped at many places and enjoyed the view. We headed all the way till Dutta peetha and decided to head back. The weather kept changing. This was a beautiful visual. The pics will explain the situation better.:lol:

After a heavy brunch and a power nap we headed back to Bangalore.

End of a peaceful 2 days outing.:D

Thank you for Reading O:)


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Nice pics.

At last I hear to see that one forum member has bought Renault Lodgy. CONGRATS.
Do share your experience driving the Lodgy in the Car/SUV section. Especially sharing comparison to Ertiga!