Driving Directions to Ladakh


Hai People,

I've been compiling a driving direction map (for the past 40 days) of Ledakh after going through lots of maps, posts and books for my up coming drive, thought.......... why not share it with all.

The distances and heights given by different maps / books are frustrating, differ grately; so I've used approximates. I don't think I am way off-beam, though there could be errors.

I am attaching the pdf herewith.

Please post / mail your corrections / suggestions; I am sure there would be lots of corrections to be made on this, I'd update as and when I get time.

Hope this would give the perspective to those planning a trip in this region.

Happy Driving,



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Well done, Ramky!
Useful stuff. Worth keeping a printout when heading out that way!
Thanks for sharing.


neat... thx buddy. Isn't it possible by doing Kargil-lamayuru-leh-kyelang-manali ?? so to make it a round trip !!
Yes, you can come through, Srinagar, Kargil, Leh, Keylong Manali with many stop overs.

Other BCM PPL,

Please let me know if there are gross errors on my map, I'd correct them. Thanks.


Thanks for the following mail,

"add in small icon for petrol/shelter (hotel/tent) for each of places. or cellphone for tower coverage :D

bade mehnati ho saab"

I am working on the driving direction throu Chandratal, Tabo etc.., will also add your suggestions, mountains + Gompas.

Someone sent a mail asking why not drive through from Padam to Keylong !!!! I'd probably have to add the mountain ocons also where needed.

Turning out to be a long project, yes, over time, this can grow.


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Update Driving Directions to Ladakh + Spiti

Hai LehGurus and others,

Got to work spurred by many mails to my yahoo id; spent a couple of late nights to update the driving direction map. I've also added the Spiti + Lahul circuit.

Corrected lots of milages, added icons and added a little colour to "the map", its in decent shape now.

Hope it's Ok, pl. mail me your sugggestions/ directions for gross mistakes. Thanks.

Yogesh, please delete my earlier attachment and add this one to the first post.

Happy Driving,



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This is GOOOD. Well done Ramky.

Members like you, who contribute to the knowledge base of BCM, will really help us grow in content and reach.