Driving Directions to Ladakh


Thank you Ramky,

I am heading to the himalayas in 2 weeks time and found the conventional maps useless beyond leh. Your driving map perfectly suits my requirement. :)
Happy to see that it's useful. You have jogged me awake now ... I need to update the distances, more staying options, important Nullas etc.,



Driving Directions to Ladakh-UPDATE -3

Hai People,

Have been updating the LADAKH-DRIVE-DIRECTION map based in inputs from here, maps, Dr.Bharat's latest logs, other logs and many other sources, working mainly after 10 PM, sleepless nights, but enjoyable... :)

Lots of corrections are made, updating going on. Attaching the PDF herewith....

Hope prospective users would find this one a simple too use reference tool on their Ledakh trips.

Please point out gross errors.

Happy Driving,



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Superb work there, Ramky!
You've really put in some work into this! (...for a change, LOL)!!!

OK, so the errors that I could notice are:

1) Recong Peo and Kalpa road branches off AFTER Powari, not from Karcham.

2) Upto Sumdo (not Khab) is NH22. From there NH22 carries on to Kaurik whereas we normally take the state road on to Tabo/Kaza.

3) The route from Shimla to Manali needs to be revised - it does not go through Jalori Pass.
The normal route is Bilaspur - Sundernagar - Mandi - Pandoh - Aut - Kullu - Manali.
Going via the Ani, Khanag, Jalori route is a choice, and so is the Tattapani, Chindi, Rohanda, Pandoh route.

4) It would help to show the north-south range that separates Lahaul from Spiti. Chandratal would be shown on the Lahaul side of this range, the distance from Batal being about 14 kms and from Kunzum Pass being about 8 kms. The latter is not motorable whereas the former is.

5) The Pass shown as Naki La on the Kargil to Leh route is actually the 12200ft high Namika La.

These maps are going to be very helpful for checking out what facilities are available where! Great work! :D



Thanks for the valuable inputs. Will correct them some time soon and post.

You're doing a great job as a moderator yourself; I see you're on to most posts in a flash ( I notic your work more as we have met !!!) A poster just loves it when a moderator / somebody responds quickly to his / her posts, way to go to build this site.

@ Dr.Bharat / Yogesh and others: Your critical comments please.
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Re: Driving Directions to Ladakh-Update -4

Hai BCMers,

Here goes Update no.4.

Have incorporated suggestions from Anupji, hope it has improved the map to his satisfaction (that would be difficult... still I'll keep on trying :))

Taken some more inputs from here like Wari-la - sakthi section and corrected some heights from Suman's photographs of the mile stones. Will try to add the rivers in the next update, tried it in the Spiti Loop a little...

Boy-O-boy......this is turning out to be addictive work:eek:



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Re: Driving Directions to Ladakh-UPDATE 5

Some more updates and changes in the drive directions...

Added some more detials in the Spiti Loop & lots more in the Kargil-Padam loop.

Minute details of the Padam / Zanskar loops are scanty, got these from the blogs of foreighers who trek out there... will have to go there acatually and collect more....