Driving Directions to Ladakh


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Yogesh Thanks.
Any other offbeat trails that you have in mind to explore.
Like Sasser pass, daulat beg oldi, karakorum pass any idea on these.


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Hi Ramkya,

Thanks a lot for sharing this.. it really helps...

Meantime.. we friends have booked our tickets and will be taking Srinagar > Kargil > Leh > Manali.. let me know if you have any suggestions / headsup..



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Hai People,

I've been compiling a driving direction map (for the past 40 days) of Ledakh after going through lots of maps, posts and books for my up coming drive, thought.......... why not share it with all.

The distances and heights given by different maps / books are frustrating, differ grately; so I've used approximates. I don't think I am way off-beam, though there could be errors.

I am attaching the pdf herewith.

Please post / mail your corrections / suggestions; I am sure there would be lots of corrections to be made on this, I'd update as and when I get time.

Hope this would give the perspective to those planning a trip in this region.

Happy Driving,



Yogesh Thanks for the details.

1. keylong to Padum. Ok Just saw it in Google maps as a car route.
Bumping an old thread so that nobody plans to drive across from Padum to Darcha.

Like Yogesh said, only trek trail exists from Padum to Darcha. I remember a travalogue of a lone firangi around Aug/Sep doing this trek in 3days, he mentions very steep sections around Ramjak,with high difficulty on the 3rd day, from 2nd day onwards he hardly met anyone, the trek was lonely until he reached Darcha. 4x4 Jeeps can go up to Reru.



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Thank you Mr. Ramkya for the very informative map. It will be very very use full for people like us who traveling first time to Ladakh. We will keep the printout with us during our trip.
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Thanks sir the efforts that you have put in to compile such a neat and precise map of the lovely routes.
Have already emailed all my non-bcmt friends about the same.
And the printout is in our sure to take lists.
Thanks again you rock ;)


I am happy my PDF maps are useful, will update it with information received from my last months trip there soon.

In the meantime, attaching herewith the trip logs, would give an idea of the distance, timings etc.,

0620 PM: Just uploaded another slightly modified trip log with more details on the remarks, removed the old one.


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