Driving Directions to Ladakh


Latest update of my PDF map updated after my recent trip to Ladakh, all changes are in page no. 4 & 5 with details added about Turtuk, Agam-Shyok section and corrections around Pangong Tso section; some more added details on hospitals, correction of distances etc.,




If only this map and vardhans KML file could be integrated it would make for one hell of a resource. Tanveer?


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Ramky Sir!!

Excellent job!! Quite detailed and really helpful. Am sure going to use this as reference.



Hi Ramky, great job done. Commendable are your efforts which you have put in to compile it. Thank you very much.
Vikas & Pathecat thanks. The first time I made it, it took months of slow work, now updating this takes less time. I am still updating this, putting up rivers on the route and correcting the mountain icons etc.,

It would be helpful if someone knows the exact heights of passes, what are the official records? GPS readings are so different from what the milestones on the passes proclaim:confused:

I have seen that a print out of this PDF map is all one needs. A normal rider needs to know direction, distance, idea of timings in one sheet and information on facilities, that's what this map would serve. Even with an accurate map, the land is still unpredictable.
Are these routes motorable. found them from google maps.

Keylong, Sir Bhum Chun, Dutung, narbu Sumdo, Chumar, Ukdungle, Nerbole, Hanle and to Leh via nyoma.
Well this route was dismissed quite early before getting into the depth of it. Although I am sure that no driveable route exists from Keylong to Chumur, but today while trying to discover more "off-roads" in the region, I found a road going from Hanle to Panguk to Ukdungle to Nerbole towards Fukche! And a travelogue which speaks of the same as well, by none other than Romesh Bhattacharji (Anyone who has roamed about Changthang on google earth, must know rbhatto ;-) ). Now such a road exists, that is for sure. (If you want i can send over the kml files, you'll find a dirt-track underneath).

It criss-crosses the Hanle river, that seems apparent. Wonder if it is doable in summers (In winters, the car can just cross the river without issues).

And the most important part -- PERMITS :(. How can one even think of getting permits for Koyul ? A couple of logs started off at BCMT (and one at T-BHP) but sadly none were completed.
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hey guys, i am looking for road from jaipur to manali bypassing delhi,chandigarh. Iam leaving on 2nd Aug by road from kolhapur( maharashtra). we are travelling in 2 cars.