Driving in the land of Yurts & Horses - Kyrgyzstan

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Day 5 (contd):

We took the gravel road from Jeti-Ögüz to try reaching Водопад Девичьи волосы (Maiden Tears waterfall).


The route to the waterfall is quite scenic with alpine trees & the river giving you company.


You have an option to stay here in local yurts if you wish.​


We found this lovely spot & decided to have our picnic lunch here.​


Since I drove, it was Manan's turn to make the sandwiches :cool:.​


There were a lot of these mushrooms on the forest floor. So we decided to pick some up.​

Someone at one of our guest houses had told us earlier that all mushrooms in the mountains here are edible & non-poisonous. We got really excited with this tidbit of information as according to our knowledge, hardly 4% of mushrooms the world over are worth eating. Wow! Local knowledge rocks!!!!


We picked a bunch of them & thought of cooking them back at our guesthouse. Yum!​

When we returned, we showed the mushrooms to the other guests at Riverside GH to reconfirm if they're edible. They basically told us that the best way to find out is for us to eat a few (best way for them that is).
I then asked the owner ... she took one look at the mushrooms ... and started whistling :-k. I realized that she is trying to call her dog. On inquiring ... she told me casually 'Oh lets give one to my dog. If it survives, they aren't poisonous & you can eat them' :shock:.
We promptly just excused ourselves & dumped the mushrooms at the bottom of the dustbin before anyone notices ... and made ourselves scarce. So much for local knowledge!!! :mad:


Driving ahead gets us to a fork in the road & the one towards the waterfall soon ends in this place where there are Yurts for staying overnight. The waterfall is a 45 min walk from here which we decided to skip as we were feeling lazy!​


While returning back towards Karakol, we saw these lovely rock formations illuminated in the evening light. Made us think of some temple complex whose complexity is revealed only when the light is right!​


Back to Karakol. We saw many of these old Russian made cars & wonder of wonders: They work!!!​


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Wonderful log.
Central Asian countries have always fascinated me. Thank you for taking on a virtual tour.

I then asked the owner ... she took one look at the mushrooms ... and started whistling :-k. I realized that she is trying to call her dog. On inquiring ... she told me casually 'Oh lets give one to my dog. If it survives, they aren't poisonous & you can eat them' :shock:
This made me laugh so much :lol::lol:

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Day 07 - Tamga:

We left Riverside guest house to go to Tamga. On the way, the mandatory cop caught us for speeding. It now turned out that the speed limit is 60 on these roads (though it's a highway, it's not an expressway).
But he didn't have a speed camera with a video ... so ...

By now we had become quite proficient at not understanding Russian so we managed to be misunderstood perfectly well. And got away without a fine.

This was the 4th time we had got caught so far :roll:.


On the way to Tamga, we saw a lot of apple and apricot orchards. It's also a lot more rural & less developed than the northern side.​


We found the southern shore of Issyk Kul more scenic than the northern side.


We suddenly saw this man on horseback on the top of the hill. We were both waiting with bated breath to see if he removes a lasso & throws it at our car ... and stops us for over speeding!!! But apart from our minds playing the good bad & ugly tune, nothing untoward happened here.​


We reached our accommodation for the next 2 nights. It's 10 minutes ahead of Tamga. The drive from Karakol till here took us a little over 2 hours including halts.​


The 11 individual cottages of the Royal Appricot were amazing. This was our favourite accommodation in the whole trip!​


3 bedrooms with 3 bathrooms, kitchen & all amenities just for the 2 of us! Luxury!!!​


We had planned to cook here & just stay put.​


One of the bedrooms adjoining the balcony.​


View of the lake from the balcony.​


The Royal Appricot has a nice location ... with it's own private beach.​


We went to the beach for a swim.​


The water is crystal clear ... and fresh out of the refrigerator :p. brrr!​


The atmosphere is very calm and serene at night though the property is adjoining the main road as there were hardly any cars.​


The next day we go to Tamga to pick up some vegetables.​


This is Tamga. It was 31st August, their independence day. Followed by the end of Ramadan. Basically we didn't get any vegetables for these 2 days!​


The watermelons here are amazing, sweet & juicy. Highly recommended! (er ... they are amazing even if you do find vegetables at Tamga) ;).​