DSLR, Mirrorless or a High end phone


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Hello everyone!
I'm an amateur photographer so far been using Canon 550D for my trips.It got water damaged beyond repair now.
My usgae isnt professional enough but want better quality photos for whoch Im missing my SLR since .
Do you suggest I go in for another entry level DSLR (1500D) or entry level Mirrorless (which is double the price)?
I understand bigger sensor size is an advantage over there for DSLRs.Also buying a DSLR I can reuse my existing 18-135 lens.
Not much idea on Mirrorless though it's more handy.
Photography experts pls share any suggestions


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I am a family man and I can hardly handle my phone with all that is going on around me often. Hence no SLR for me. :)

So I am not qualified to answer your query.

I hope others reply to your post.

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1500D has an old processing engine -within a reasonable budget would suggest the 200D body -much much advanced processor and a upto date focusing system -even with the same 24.1mp sensor shared between the 2 cameras the 200D will output better more upto date colour palette- and negotiate hard -discounts on DSLR bodies are more now-a days.

Tilak Francis

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I use Nikon D5600 with 18-55 mm, 70 - 300 mm, and 50 mm Nikon lenses. I use the camera only when visiting tourist destinations. All memorable family moments are captured in Mobile phone, practically. Every time I do robust package of my SLR with lenses, I feel, I should have taken my Dutch friend's advice to buy Sony Rx 100 which is a point and shoot cam with zoom, equally competent on all technical standards of a DSLR. Think about it:neutral:


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In good light, phone and others will take good pictures.
Challenge is low light like restaurants, indoors etc.
For that, look for a compact 1inch sensor camera. There are a few like RX100 (recommended above) or G7X (I have this) , G5X etc.
These are almost as pocketable as a phone, have full controls of a DSLR/Mirrorless except changeable lens, and take quite good pictures.

Consider that as an option.