DSLR suggestion


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How much you paid for D7100 kit ?
Thanks, total of 73000 for camera body, 18-140 lens, 8 gb card, kit bag and a higher quality camera backpack.

Congrats. Its a beautiful camera. As you changed your religion ( lol ) please go through user manual carefully. A good sturdy tripod is must.
I had one client a few months back. He used to say, "you can change your job, your country, your wife, but not your camera brand."
He is a Canon user for more than 30 years. I guess I proved him wrong :D

If Canon had some good product in this budget, I'd have bought Canon, but they don't have any good thing in my budget. Nikon has some significant learning curve after Canon which I'd rather avoid, but I am fairly happy with the purchase. Took a short trip to Shimla and Fagu and got some good pictures.