Dudhwa National Park: A Short Photologue

subhankar paul

And miles to go before I sleep
Lovely story of Dudhwa rekindled my cherished 15 year old memory when I spent 3 days in the magical junglescape of Dudhwa. That trip is unforgettable to me as I was blessed with a meeting with the icon of Indian conservation Billy Arjun Singh . I spent an entire afternoon with him at his Tiger Haven listening to his colourful experience of Sita and many others.
This year I am planning for a revisit in May but just got the news that the Lucknow- Dudhwa railway line is temporarily closed for maintenance. I want to avoid the 250 km long journey by a cab for many reasons. So have to postpone the trip till the recommissioning the railway line .

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Wallpaper stuff (each one of them)!!
Can I download and use them as my wallpaper?

You are a master in close-up shots ... awestruck!