Dune bashing in Jaisalmer with self cars


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Hi Guys,

I am planning a trip to Jaisalmer tentatively on 6/7th evening for 4 days. The second tentative start date is around 20th Dec. I will be starting from Greater Noida/Gurugram.

The plan is to have dune bashing with own cars. Right now we are 2 people with one ScorpioN. So we have 2 seats left.

Also, would like to request all enthusiast to join us in their respective 4X4 machines. It will be a good dune bashing event if we have a group of 8-10 cars.

Please plan and let all know if we can start as a group



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I guess I am replying late. We also did the same trip on similar dates in a Thar Group.
Hope you had fun