Dwarahat – an Ancient Temple Town


Going to Neverland
Dwarahat – an Ancient Temple Town

Date of Journey: 21.02.2020 to 23.02.2020
Route taken: Delhi – Moradabad – Bazpur – Nainital – Ranikhet – Dwarahat – Nainital – Bazpur - Delhi
Distance: 800 kms (approx)

Day 1

It was just a random weekend when we decided to head to hills. We decided to take a day off on Friday the 21st February 2020 and with Saturday and Sunday at our disposal, we started thinking of a destination. In January I had visited Shitlakhet, Uttarakhand with some of my friends. This time again we thought of visiting Kumaon region however, travel partners were different. Manish and Nitin Thapa joined me for this travel. Mode of travel was Thar owned by Manish. We decided to visit Dwarahat, a small town inside the Kumaon region away from the main tourist circuit of Uttarakhand which is situated around 400 kms from Delhi and about 35 kms from Ranikhet.

Manish picked me up from my home at around 6.00 am and we drove towards Ashram where we picked up Nitin who was waiting for us. The route was simple. We took the Delhi-Meerut Expressway from Sarai Kale Khan. The day was clear with zero fog on the highway. We zipped through the traffic all the way to Shiva Dhaba at Babugarh. We halted at the dhaba for breakfast. We enjoyed the breakfast oblivious to a happening which was going to set us back.

start of the day was pleasant

breakfast break



Thar wasn’t cranking up. The engine temperature was in red. We opened up the bonnet and inspected. There was no coolant in radiator. Apparently the coolant had leaked somehow. We waited for the engine to cool down. Thereafter we filled up water in the radiator and tried to start the engine. Thankfully, the engine came into life. We drove hardly for two-three kilometers, we found a garage on the road side. The mechanics inspected the Thar and found out that a pipe has leaked and needed a replacement. However, they didn’t had the spare pipe. Still, they managed to fit a pipe that they took out from another car. We again inspected for leak but were satisfied with the make-shift job. We paid up and left for the onward journey. However, this situation set us back by three hours.

inspecting the vehicle

luckily found this workshop nearby

some fun time at the garage


Going to Neverland
We were happy that we were back on the highway. We took the Tanda-Bazpur route from Moradabad briefly stopping near Bazpur for late lunch. We reached Nainital around 5.30 in the evening. We were double-minded about whether we should stay at Nainital or carry on towards Dwarahat as originally planned. Dwarahat was still 90 kms away from Nainital. After a tussle of about half an hour we decided to move ahead and break journey at Ranikhet as it was already getting dark and we were not in favour of driving much after sun-down.

crossing Brajghat

Tanda-Bazpur route

lunch break near Bazpur

driving through forest area before Kaladhungi

on the way to Nainital after Kaladhungi

We started to encountered fog as soon as we exited out of the vicinity of Nainital. Fog started to get dense after we crossed Bhowali, however it didn’t pose much of trouble to us. But in the last 15 odd kms before Ranikhet, it got very dense and troubled us a lot. There was absolutely zero visibility. There was hardly any other vehicle plying on the road apart from us. We had to drive very cautiously which slowed us down tremendously. It took us around 2.5 hours to reach Ranikhet by 8.30 pm. We checked in to Mayur Hotel situated around the Bus station and crashed for the night.

after crossing Nainital

our room in Mayur Hotel at Ranikhet


Going to Neverland
Day 2

I woke up early and found Nitin to be awake too. Manish was still sleeping. In the meanwhile I along with Nitin went for a walk. The town alongside the highway was slowly waking up. Shops were opening up. Taxi stand too seemed to be abuzz and the Chai wala was having a brisk business. We too ordered for a cup of Chai along with bun-butter. After having a wonderful tea, we took to some inner lanes of the town and walked through. We reached our hotel to find Manish waiting for us.

going for a walk in town





took to inner lanes

a traditional house

Inter College, Ranikhet

sky was little hazy

back to our hotel



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