Dwarahat – an Ancient Temple Town


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Please post all videos you have of current or of particular times / trips etc.

I want to enjoy all the videos made by you and your team.

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Please Post more as much as possible by arranging them from team members too.

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thank you Satinder Ji.. more videos in next Spiti T'log


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What an amazing trip. I was hoping to see more photos...
thanks.. there are more to come. I was busy till yesterday with Board Meetings, now i am relatively free and would be updating this log soon. Also, i have one more Winter Spiti log to start after this. Hope, i would be able to travel once again before i finish off my backlog :rolleyes:


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Winter Spiti! I would love to read bout that.
In 2016 we had gone to Spiti end of October. It was wonderful. Winter was just about setting in. We were supposed to reach way ahead of Nako but got delayed by landslides and on,y managed to reach Nako way into the night. No place to stay. Everything was packed up because of onset of winter. Finally 5 of us huddled together in a room all night. Every place was shut or getting shut. We stayed at Kaza. After 4/5 days decided to start going back because storm clouds were coming and everyone said if it snows we don’t know how long we may be stuck. Two of our friends had to report back to work, we weren’t prepared to deal with a long stay and had come driving in our own car. Loved the experience, but came back via Kinnaur side, because people c9mimg from Manali side said the road has black ice and has become very slippery. One biker said he walked with his heavy Enfield through many stretches because the road was extremely slippery.

I decided to go back to Spiti in winters, but better prepared. Would love to read about your experience.


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We quickly checked out and headed towards Dwarahat. Distance for the destination was merely 35 kms. After driving for 10 kms we stopped at Gayatri Restaurant for breakfast. After a 30 minute break we again started for Dwarahat and reached there in an hour crossing some beautiful villages with mustard fields. Roads were smooth mostly and we enjoyed driving on them.

Gayatri Restaurant


view from the restaurant

they has a very good collection of old coins




a small temple enroute Dwarahat


Dwarahat is a small yet stunningly beautiful town situated just 35 kilometers away from Ranikhet on the Ranikhet-Badrinath road. Dwarahat literally means Gateway to heaven. In ancient times it was a very important place for Badrinath pilgrimage. There are clusters of temples situated here which were built during Katyuri rule period. These temples have been resurrected by ASI and maintained by them. Most prominent of them are the Mrityunjaya temple, Badrinath Temples, Kacheri Temple and Maniyan Dev Temple. Currently, no idols are placed inside these temple except Mrityunjaya Temple and Badrinath Temple, hence they are not used for worshiping. These temples can be reached by a simple hike of 5 minutes across the village. One can park their vehicle besides the main road and cover all the temple clusters on foot which are scattered but easily walkable.

Mrityunjaya Temple is situated besides the main road. We parked the car little ahead of the temple and entered the temple premises. A lot of construction and maintenance work was going on the temple. We quickly visited the temple and left for Badrinath group of temples which was just few meters behind the Mrityunjaya temple.

Mrityunjaya Temple




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A small pathway led us to the temple. Badrinath Temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. The temple looked in good shape. Thereafter, we went to Ratan Deo Temples. The Temple premises was closed as it seemed some sort of restoration work was being carried on. We glanced at the temple complex from outside and went towards Kacheri Dewal, a cluster of 12 temples which was hardly five minute walk.

Badrinath temple




worn out sculptures




Ratan Deo Temples

restoration work in progress

heading towards Kacheri Dewal



back side of Kacheri Dewal

There was an un-named temple complex in front of the Kacheri Dewal. We first visited the same. I think it is called Garuda Temple. The complex has two temple one the main temple and another smaller temple besides the bigger one.

Garuda Temple Complex

the main temple

both the temples together


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We visited the Kacheri Dewal which was just across the Garuda Temple. The Kacheri Dewal looks magnificent with a row of temples. There was a well in front of the temples. We spent some time there and left for another group of temples – Maniyan Dev temples which was barely 100 meters ahead on the same pathway inside the village.

Kacheri Deval




Maniyan Dev temples is a group of 9 temples most of them are not in good shape. However we found an interesting carving on the walls of one of the temple there. There was a small Jain Thirthankar motif which suggests that this temple may have been a Jain temple in ancient times. With these thoughts we left for another temple complex for which I was particularly excited.

Maniyan Dev Temples



Jain Thirthankar motif


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Next in line was Gurjjar Dev temple (may also be known as Dhwaj Temple). It is situated on the opposite end of the village. We walked across the same path which we had taken and again crossed the Ratan Deo Temple. In harly 5-7 minutes we reached the Gurjjar dev temple complex. On plain sight it hadly looks like a temple as nothing is left of it. The Shikhara, pillars and domes has been completely destroyed. Only the base has been left. ASI has not been able to restore it primarily due to unavailability of the destroyed portions of the temple.

However, still, I found the almost destroyed Gurjjar Dev temple to be the most beautiful one. Its design and concept seems exactly similar to Baleshwar Mahadev temple situated at Champawat, Uttarakhand. In my experience of visiting numerous temples, I find Baleshwar Mahadev temple to be the most beautiful temple in entire Uttarakhand. The Gurjjar dev Temple would have been equally wonderful had it been standing completely. I was completely awestruck by it.

temples bunched together

traversing through the beautiful village

going towards Gurjjar Dev Temple


front view of the temple - that is all what remains of this magnificent temple

side view

back view

magnificent carvings






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After spending some time pondering over what it could have been, we went to the main road passing through some of the older parts of the town with antiquated building made in Pahari style. We reached our vehicle and went in search of Dhwaj Temple, instead found it to be Van Deo Temple situated right at the entrance of the town from Ranikhet side. The temple seemed to be recently restored with the markings on each stone block was completely visible. It was a single temple complex and was not as impressive as others in Dwarahat.

Van Deo or Ban Deo Temple