Dwarka - last ride of 2006


It had been months that I had not visited any place on my Bike, reason there had been nobody to appreciate – there were more people to say that touring on bike is madness. Then when I heard of BIKE NOMADS & BCM TOURING I was very much overjoyed. It was just in two days time after I registered myself on BCM Touring that I came to know about a Trip of PUSHKER through Manik. I was all set for the same but something of more importance had come and so even after meeting 12 of the Bikers at Ajmer Road I drove back to my house with a very heavy heart but the words of Yogesh, “we shall ride together one day” – motivated me a lot and am waiting for the day.

Still I was checking up the site & then a Trip of Rajasthan was being planned by Sumeet. Even I was planning a long Ride to hear those different sounds of Wind.

Sumeet & I planned for Rajasthan Border trip – but as there was practice of Army people going and as I was not sanctioned a leave I could not go with him, Saurav & Ashwini, though I met them in Jaipur. But I was all set to do a trip in 2006 and so even though the leave was becoming a problem I did not loose hope. Finally I got the chance.

DAY I – 27/12/06

Morning 0600 hrs I woke up to go to my office to finish the pending jobs and got free by 1100 hrs. After some necessary purchasing I pushed off to UDAIPUR at 1155 hrs. I had initially thought of reaching AHEMDABAD the very first day but due to the late start I was unable to do the same. Odometer reading when I started from Jaipur 8839

Took a turn from Kishengarh Bypass and came on NH 8A – crossed Srinagar – Nasirabad – Vijainagar – Gulabpura – Rayla – Mandal and finally took Bhilwara bypass. Here a lake made me stop – as once long back I had come over here and this place earlier was very beautiful as compared to what it is today.

I started off from this place after having a sutta and reached Chittorgarh via Gangrar and Chanderia (has one of the largest Zinc smelting plant). Here I stopped for Tea & got my & my Bike’s tank full. Here I met a person who is very keen to go to Ladakh and had lot of questions about my past, present and future rides. I gave him the web address Of BCM Touring, also told him that this trip is going to happen in September, 2007 and he also took my mobile no. After leaving this place I reached Udaipur around 1900 hrs and checked into the Hotel. I have visited Udaipur n no of times and had therefore no interest in visiting any of the places. Went to bed after Dinner with. Odometer reading at Udaipur was - 9273

DAY – II - 28/12/06

Started of at 0700 and the destination for today was Jamnagar. After passing Khairwara reached Bichhiwara (the last major town of Rajasthan) and stopped for breakfast. Sardarji – the owner of this place was very much surprised to see me touring on Bike and more surprised to see a Thunderbird – as he saw this Bike for the first time and was more in the impression that I got a Bullet modified – I TOLD HIM THE DIFFIRENCE BETWEEN Electra, Machismo, Thunderbird & 500 RE. He then gave order to his cook for special Aloo Parantha (very delicious) and Tea was complimentary. He then showed his Bullet a 1981 model – very well maintained with a lovely sound. I also asked him if there was a bullet mechanic in Himatnagar as I felt that the chain was a bit loose – and he was very happy to tell me the name of Patel Bhai the only man in Himatnagr who has a know how of Bullet.

Straight I reached to Patel Bhai’s Workshop and the job of 5 mts. was done in 45 mts. Time – ha ! what an mechanic. From here I rode off to Gandhinagar – and here I saw a bypass to Rajkot – which was a Single lane with heavy traffic. After crossing the Bypass I stopped for Petrol & then reached NH 8 A, which happens to be a four Lane road wherein the Atlas shows this road to be 2 Lane. Though it was a four lane road but it was damaged and you cannot drive very fast as there are big holes on the road. After crossing Limbdi -Sayla – Chotila took a break and took one photograph of the first green field after crossing Himatnagar – as there are more Factories now.

I reached Rajkot at 1735 hrs and after asking at 2 to 3 places was able to get the roads to Jamnagar again a 2 lane road but a fantastic one. Reached Dhrol took a stop for a sutta and chai. Reached Jamanagar and checked into an Hotel at 1942 hrs. Here I enquired about Dwarkadish and I was informed that the darshan time is till 1330 hrs. Odometer reading - 9819

DAY – III - 29/12/06

Woke up and at 0715 hrs started off to Dwarka – I was told that the Roads are wonderful as Jamnagar Refinery ( Ambani’s) is situated on the same road, but immediately after the finish of Essar Refinery, which falls immediately after Reliance Refinery the good & wonderful roads were nowhere to be seen. Around 0900 hrs I stopped for a cup of tea & the person here told me that the Darshan in main Temple are open till 1030 hrs & then you also have Island of Bet where there is original Dwarka and here the Darshan are open till 1230 hrs. So I rushed to Dwarka and reached the destination at 1015 hrs. Here after parking the bike at a safe place and depositing the Camera, Mobiles & other stuff in the CLOACK ROOM (which is operated by Central government & just for RS. 8.00 they kept the stuff and gave me a coupon) I approached for darshan. A panditji came to me and after asking about my Cast, native place & gotra took me along with him. Inside the Temple there was a long queue but I was given a V.I.P. treatment and was taken inside. After the main Temple I visited the temples of Balramji, Ambaji (Lord Krishna’s Godess), Radhaji, Devki ji, Satyabhamaji. I was part of the Aarti at Balramji’s temple, the Pujari himself was like Balramji – HUGE. Then Panditji took Dakshina – started from 1001 and finally paid him 101 and a promise that whenever I come next I shall give him ANN DAAN. Came out and took some Photographes.

From here I got free at 1120 hrs. and so started for Island of BET. I asked a policeman about the way, which he told me with the information that I won’t be able to make it but I thought to go. Just as I moved out of Dwarka I stopped as I could see Arabian Sea – the first sight of SEA (as I have never seen SEA before) made me feel very thrilling. But this place was all occupied by Fishermen’s boats and houses so I could see it from the main road itself. This place was stinking badly and so I moved further and then was able to understand why that Police wala told me that I won’t be able to reach BET just 32 km away by 1230 hrs. The roads are in real bad condition and could not even cross the speed of 40 kms.

Finally reached OKHA and from here Boat takes you to Island of BET which is almost a kilometer away. I was very excited and even afraid of going in the Sea. The charges are RS. 5.00 per pax. After the Boat was overcrowded – just like City Buses it started off and I started enjoying the ride – though was feeling bad that I cannot take photographes as it was very crowded and it swarms a lot. No lifejackets or any other mode of safety are not at all available here – though the person here told me that they never had any accident. On reaching the Island I rushed to the temple but it had closed and reopens at 1730 hrs. This place Island of BET has great religious importance for Hindus as well as Muslims – as there is the Temple of Dwarkadish as this is the place where under the Sea lies the Dwarka nagri (not visible now) & the Muslims have one of the great Masjids & Dargah here and they come here for Namaz and other ritual activities. From here I took some photographs. I was feeling hungry as I had taken nothing but just a cup of tea and so I started exploring the market where I could not find anything useful.

Then I came out of the market to the mini Harbor to board the boat. As there was a long queue I took some photographs.

Then I once again came to Okha which has a factory of Tata Chemicals and Fertilizers. This place again stinks – and here only I came to understand the reason – the main business of people here is to Dry the Fish – and I could see that this work was going on for Kilometers. I could not understand why they eat dry fish when so much fresh fish is available – maybe there is an off season for fresh fish also. So I better thaught of moving back to Dwarka to have something to eat rather then eating here and watching thousands of dry Fishes. I reached back Dwarka and after having Gujrati thali for just RS. 30.00, which had two Dals, two Vegetables, two salads, APC, Roti, Rice and Halwa & of course buttermilk pushed off to Jamnagar at 1600 hrs. On the way I passed a place which had Enercon Windmills generating electricity.

Reached Jamnagar at 1900 hrs. Odometer reading - 10201. After reaching the hotel I planned to start for Ahemdabad and so I informed Yogesh & Sumeet of the same. But somehow just as I was having a shower I remembered Sumeet telling me of a place Dholavira (a place which is of Historic value due to Harrapan Civilization). I thought of exploring the same. So the idea of moving right now vanished and I went to see the local market. I retired back to bed and before that had read the Atlas and decided my route plan.

DAY – IV - 30/12/06

Started of at 0625 hrs and reached Dhrol – from here a route directly connects you to Morbi from where a 4 lane road starts. After just 10 – 12 kms the roads were very fine and almost no traffic. Entering Morbi was one big sin I did as it is a big town with heavy traffic and very congested roads. Morbi to Maliya (gateway to little Rann) the NH 8 A which as per the Atlas is 4 lane turned out to be a 2 lane (though the work is going on and it will take another year and a half to operate) and the greatest surprise is that it is a 2 lane road till Disa. Anyways I reached Samakhiali after crossing the Little RANN

Here just ahead I got the road for Dholavera and after riding on that rode for just 700 mts I made up my mind to come back and drop the idea of going to Dholavira – other wise my bike would have also been part of Harrapan civilization. The road was all scraped off and was in terrible shape. So I came back on NH 15 – which again is a 2 lane and not 4 lane as shown in Atlas. Passed Chittrod – Adesar and reached Santalpur for Lunch. Started back at 1315 hrs – a break of almost 1 hour and from santalpur – Radhanpur – Sihori – Disa (stopped for Petrol). Now Disa to Palanpur is a four lane freeway and I had the best ride of my life, friends I did 25 kms in 9 mts. GREAT IT WAS. Once again 2 lane road with very heavy traffic ( as local Jeeps between Palanpur and Abu Road). Reached Abu Road 1810hrs and here it started getting dark. As I pushed towards Sirohi the Low Beam went off and immediately after 2 to 3 kms High Beam also went off, But as already I was riding behind a Gujrat state Roadways Bus, I kept following it and reached Sirohi at 2020 hrs. I checked into the hotel. Odometer reading – 10775.

DAY – V - 31/12/06

Started at 0845 hrs from Sirohi – stopped ahead of Shivganj at A 1 Plaza for breakfast – for Petrol at Bar and reached Jaipur at my house at 1545 hrs in a wonderful mood. Odometer reading – 11196. In total 2357 Kilometers.
I am still trying to send the photos through the site photobucket.com as suggested by Yogesh, but till time i have failed to upload the photos as every time I try to upload - it says UNKNOWN ERROR. Will keep trying.

and thanks to you Sumeet / Hitanshu (TAU) / Yogesh. But it would have been more wonderful if I had, had the company of you people.
Oh ! I 'll be greatful if it can be done. But I actually want to learn how to do it ! BTW how do you people do it directly in the trip log section.

Yogesh Sarkar

Sorry was without internet for few days, with regards to photos now i host them on my personal site and BCMT. before this i use to use imageshack and photobucket for the same purpose.
if I send you a CD can it be done, I shall require your postal add., lastely I tried doing it on Shutterly.com and again I failed. Is there any other way. Is imageshack a website.