East By North-East: My Nexon Did It Fast


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Ravi sir, amazing pics...
Linea is on a dating spree, after ladakh its North east. now plan for Rann of Kutch ....

Btw waiting for more details and lots of pics.


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One spark is enough to ignite a raging wildfire. Well, in my case, two sparks ignited my urge to drive to Bhutan!:grin:

In May 2011, I received a DVD from fellow-Linea owner, Mahesh Natarajan, containing travelogue of his Bhutan trip in his brand new Linea in 2010. In fact, his new Linea got the first servicing done enroute! But, since I was planning for my Leh expedition, I watched it on my laptop and kept it in the cupboard. In January 2012, I bought a new 40" LED TV and I was testing it with different DVDs. At that time, I saw Mahesh Natarajan's travelogue once again on a big screen. That was the first spark.






A few days later, I received an unexpected telephone call from my former boss at my former employment, Mr A M Ranganath. We were not keeping in touch for a couple of years. He said that he called just for a casual chitchat. After the casual talks, he told me that of late, he was visiting national parks and the latest venue was Kaziranga. He described in detail about his experience at Kaziranga National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Centre. That was the second spark!






Then, I started planning for another mega trip.

More to come.


Petrol Powered + Diesel Driven
Loved the fifth shot, Ravi. And then the first one.
Thanks, arindamdas, for appreciation.
Great start...!!!Another thriller is in the offing...
Thanks a lot, JOHN MATHAI, for kind words.
The little rhino looks good. :)Awaiting further snaps and details. Great going.
Thank you, RIDEON, for the compliments.
Good start sir, keep 'em coming
Thanks, abdulzunair.
now plan for Rann of Kutch ....
Thanks, pushkark. Yes, my Linea's next rendezvous will be with Gujarat and Rajasthan.:)
Btw waiting for more details and lots of pics.
Yes, they are coming in instalments.
Ravi, Sooper start.
Thanks, hiambuj.
Awesome !!!We are all waiting....
Thank you, cheguevara. I am writing the next part.
This is simply superb! Waiting for more....
Thanks, thirujb.
ooooooooooooooooo what a start... MINDBLOWING :D
Thanks a lot, gsarkhel.