Eco huts, Pangong Tso (Lukung), Ladakh


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direct nubra to lukung should not take more than 5 hours. By August road should be completed


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We are visiting Nubra in August first week. Instead going back to Leh can we to go directly to pangong this way- Diskit> Khalsar > agam > Wari La > Shakti > Chang La.
We will stay at Shakti instade Leh that night.
Wont that be a long drive? That was our initial plan too. But then we were not prepared to travel so much. We thought after Diskit, we shall head back to Leh, chill out for a day and then head to Pangong Tso. But if you have a bike, then I guess its better to head straight!
@tsk1979- Thanks for info, we hope by August road should be completed..

@rohan2782- Yes it will be a long drive. But we will be going back to Manali. So may be able to see Tso Morriri & come back to Upsi & back to Manali. (We are traveling by Sumo)


@bhatkbahaddar - do you have any contact number of acco in Shakti ??
@tsk1979 - from panamik to Lukung is only 5 hours drive ????? but i read in this forum it will take longer ..


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When the new route is functional, it will be 5 hours drive. Heck, it took us 6 hours only with all the landslide and broken bridge circus


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They usually run full during peak season. Later in the season, after mid-Sept or so, your chances of finding a vacancy are greater.
Hi Anup,
How do I book accomadation at Pangong Tso? The eco huts are too cold and windy I dont want that. I just need a small guesthouse/hotel. Please help.
Hi MadBaleno - Sorry I do not have any acco contactat shakti, if I get, I will send you.. 5-6 Aug. we will be in on this rout leh>Pangong.


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Is there some way that I can book a room in advance at the Eco Huts?? Or will it be possible to get a room on getting there.. Planning to go towards the end of September.. Please help..
Last time when I went to Pangong Tso, forgot to make an enquiry about the procedure and recent tariff of these Eco Huts. And despite of all the discussion here, I am not able to make out that what options for accomodation we really have at Spangmik.

Can somebody come for the rescue? I would be leaving from Delhi on 22nd or 23rd August.