Eco huts, Pangong Tso (Lukung), Ladakh

Yogesh Sarkar

Eco Huts aren't there at Spangmik; there is an expensive resort there and home run guest houses. Eco Huts are at Lukung and they have tented as well room accommodation.
Yup, I know of that Yogesh. But I am more interested in Spangmik as I went till Lukung only on my last visit. Do we have any lakeside accomodation options in Spangmik?

And is there any latest report that how much Eco Huts are charging per room per night.
Last time when I went to Pangong Tso, forgot to make an enquiry about the procedure and recent tariff of these Eco Huts. And despite of all the discussion here, I am not able to make out that what options for accomodation we really have at Spangmik.

Can somebody come for the rescue? I would be leaving from Delhi on 22nd or 23rd August.
I will be in Leh on 8t Aug. & will be back by 16th Aug. I can help you after going there.. Before that if I get any info forward it to you..:grin:
Vikas the shokeen biker - Here is info. Pangong camping. (not eco hut)
Mastsemik Camping M- 094191 77658, 09906973341 Mrs. Namgyal
I have not contact her, but I will after reaching Manali on 6th Aug.
Eco huts info. if you want I can get it & send it to you.:D


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Can any one help for booking those huts in advance? Need contact info. We are 20:eek:
Hi Sachin,

You can contact Mr.Muthup Namgial who is the owner of the Eco Hut tents. There is no Telephone at the Eco Huts. You can call him on 09419177658 (M), 01982253010 (R), 01982250303 (Shop).

He owns a shop called Good Luck Uniforms in Leh. This info is from his visiting Card that he provided to use when we happened to meet him by chance at the Eco Huts while on our visit to Pangong Tso in 2009.


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Hi Sachin,

You can contact Mr.Muthup Namgial who is the owner of the Eco Hut tents.
lloydofcochin, Thanks a lot.

I had those numbers but under the name of marstsmik resorts. Consistently trying those numbers everyday day, since last one week but :
09419177658 (M), waiting / out of coverage
01982253010 (R), no response
01982250303 (Shop). ckeck the number you have dialed
Even had one more : 09906973341, wrong number

I tried one more reference from Lonely Planet : Stobgais For Gongma Homestay
Phone number and email id was useless for establishing contact


Can any one tell more??
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