Elephant On A Jungle Walk | Manas National Park


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Discover Wild India presents Elephants on a jungle walk. This video features an adolescent sub-adult male elephant from Manas national park, Assam in the month of March 2019.
Adolescence is the time in which young elephants begin to break away from the main herd.
This elephant is throwing dust over its body. This dirt helps to keep its skin healthy & makes it hard for the insects to sting it. There is an interesting fact that elephants can hear with their feet too.
Elephants may have massive ears, but they can also pick up on noises via their feet, which register low frequency rumbles caused by other animals up to 20 miles away. They sense these underground vibrations through their feet.
Their feet are fat because of a large pad of gristle under each heel which acts a shock absorber & helps them walk quietly. Their legs are much straighter than those of other animals & support their weight so well.
Elephants spend most of their lives walking huge distances & their feet are suitable adapted to such a lifestyle. Their bodies are meant for walking which they do many kilo meters a day in the wild. Walking at a normal pace, an elephant covers about 3-6 kms per hour but they can reach 40 kms per hour at full speed.
Elephants have no natural predators. The main risk to elephants is from humans through poaching & destruction of their habitat. As per IUCN red list the Asian Elephant is classified as a n endangered species.

Filmed at Manas National Park, Assam, March 2019.

Movie clip taken with Panasonic DMC FZ70 & Still pictures taken with Nikon D7100 DSLR Camera & Nikkor 200 - 500 mm VR lens.

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