Endless curves and a lot of tea

Anup WS

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Bikes : Pulsar 200 NS
CBR 250 R

No of Days : 2

Route : Bangalore-Kanakpura-Chamrajnagar-Gundlupete-Masinagudi-Ooty-Kotagiri-Metupalyam-Dimbam-BR Hills-Kollegala-Kanakpura-Bangalore

The plan was to go out of Bangalore for a relaxed ride and the destination was almost fixed as Ooty is the only cool place at this time of the year and which can be visited for 2 days. It was my friend @bharath_avg and me who decided to go on this trip.
We started the ride at around 6:30 am, Thanks to me who delayed the start. But it was a peaceful ride all the way as we took the Kanakpura road which was less crowded.

By the time we reached Bandipur there was a huge Traffic jam for about 2-3 Km. Since we were on Bikes we were able to pass the cars easily. We were also worried about the stay in Ooty since the place was going to be crowded, which wasn't a problem at all after we reached the destination. Bandipur was beautiful but there was no Wildlife spotting. We were able to see a small heard of spotted deer and nothing else. But the scenery was picture perfect. The weather in Ooty was chilled and we roamed around the town for a while, a mandatory visit to Modern stores for Ice cream was done and we called it a day.

The next day We started towards Kotagiri and Bhavani sagar dam was in the plan. But due to the extreme weather:chain: conditions we had to skit that.


Anup WS

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We proceeded towards Kotagiri.

DISCLAIMER: Too many pics of Tea plantations

That's my Beauty

The Curves:twisted:

PC : @bharath_avg

From here it was an awesome ride till we entered Metupalyam town as it was curves overloaded.
From Metupalyam we took the Satty route to reach bangalore Via the interior road which goes through the MM Hills/BR Hills range.To take this route You have to take a deviation after Dimbam towards BR hills. The first 30 km resembles the section between BR Hills and K Gudi. This road is totally Isolated and the road is beautifully laid with amazing scenery.

It was a peaceful ride till Kanakpura after which the traffic increased. We reached Bangalore at around 7:30 pm after a super ride.:supz:

Thank you for Viewing/Reading:)

Ride/Drive Safe


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Boss, I am scheduled to travel Mysore - Ooty by car is there any specific tips for highways around Ooty or Mysore.
I would be travelling from GOA to Mysore then Ooty.
Thanks !

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Those two pics of greenery/green landscape are very soothing.
I am desperate to see personally on my trip ie: 1st Feb.

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