Engine Oil Burning


Check for smoke in the mornings when the bike is cold you should see smoke. After the bike warms up the smoke will stop. Pretty normal for engines which were not run in properly.


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Please also mentioned about your driving habit... If you are driving fast and long in this heat. I think getting some oil burning is not a big issue after 1000 odd kms.
Every one supposed to add some top-up after every 1000-1500km done and oil change at 2500kms.

Don't worry keep riding... Don't change the Piston till you actually feels it needs to be changed.

Just try to use some thick oil in between.
Sir i travelled from Bhopal to Ajmer (total KM 575) and came back after few days on my Honda Shine. (2009) DIsc Alloy model). In both sides OIL remain only 200 ml. Further i drived at speed of 70-80 km and approximatly 120 kilometers without stopping. I request that now my machnic is saying half engline work is required. Now it gives some noice when i start from engine and in high speed of 55 to 60 some noise.
Please suggest what is to be done. My total running is 46000km only