Essentials for a Motorcycle Ride to Ladakh


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Thanks a lot, Yogesh Sarkar for the very useful excellent compilation. Some 2 litre empty soft-drink bottles to carry additional petrol could also be added to list.

Yogesh Sarkar

Thanks sir. I haven’t listed bottles for petrol due to the fact that apart from older Enfields, Duke 200 and a handful of other motorcycles, others do not require extra fuel for normal routes.


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YS, The list is pretty comprehensive. Why not to add a riding suggestion that rider should avoid carrying bagpack, if any, etc on shoulders? Rather put it on saddle bag and tie it with bungee/plastic nylon ropes.

Yogesh Sarkar

The glove in photograph was bought in Leh in 2005, it served me well till 2011, when I decided to retire it.

Similar gloves are available at Tibetan Market in Delhi and at helmet shops in winter. Guess other large markets should have them as well and these should be available in Manali and Srinagar.

Camping stores also have these sort of gloves (seen it at Carabin), but they are mostly priced at around a grand (the ones available locally are around 250bucks) though they do have better quality.

The one that you linked to, seems good, rest tough to say, just seeing photographs.


i'm just glad that you didn't talk about altimeter and stuff like that. :twisted:very nice list and practical one. i loved the carrying important numbers separately and the mustard oil bit. it's things like that which makes the list different from regular ones. experience speaks. good job.