Europe Itinerary


Thanks a TON @pink vagabond.

For halstatt you are taking a long detour to salzburg. Innsbruck and the Tyrol area is much more convenient (2 hours lesser from venice) and is very beautiful as well.
So, that means it will be better to stay in Innsbruck and travel around to Salsburg or Halstatt etc. Is that what you meant?

which were not suitable for a 3 year old.
My daughter is actually 13 years old.

I have noted all your suggestions and I'm really happy to know that finally I've a good itinerary. :)
I meant my then 3 year old son.. :) :)

So if you want to visit / stay at halstatt, go to salzburg. If you are ok with lakesides in tyrol, innsbruck is better option. Staying in innsbruck saves you 3-4 hours of travel.