Excise duty on SUV increased

it is effective 3% increase in the excise duty. Which means a 10 Lac car will now cost 10.23 L coz already 27% excise has been applied on the base rate of 7.8 L.

Secondly will it be applicable only for SUV's and other MUV's and people carriers will be spared ?? As what I understand is manufacturers will try to push their cars as NON SUVs like Xylo, Quanto, Duster and Innova.

If Govt. really wants to increase tax in name of Diesel subsidy, why don't they abolish it at all or setup other tax mechanism for all diesel run vehicles, I bet that number of Diesel Sedans and hatches will certainly more than that of SUV's.

Cheers !!!

Diesel subsidy is being abolished, with slated monthly increase in diesel price.
Yogesh, if you would have seen the trend, with every increase in diesel, they are also increasing rates for petrol, eg last month they increased 50 Ps per lt for Petrol.

will they ever decrease petrol price even if they increase diesel substantially ??


Excise duty on SUVs has been increased from 27% to 30% in the budget.
Are all SUVs being included here or is there any engine/cc/length/fuel parameters for determining the increase?
What about pseudo SUVs like Duster, Quanto etc...or upcoming Ford Eco Sport?


Why the F they don't increase 10000% tax on booze and cigarettes. Revenues would be unlike ever they've ever seen and guess what, people will still buy them without making a hoopla about it. does it takes so many permutations to arrive at an obvious thing?


Leh'd and how!
^ duty on cigarettes have been increased in this budget.

Also, I think its somewhat fair. "ONLY" 42000 (or 4200?) people reported an income of over 1cr. in FY 2011-12. Personally, I know 10 people within Gurgaon who receive salaries of over 3 crs., let one businessmen. On pan India basis, there must be thousands more. Government knows you are rich, rich enough to spend that extra 3%, or the additional (so called temporary) 10% surcharge. Although one thing the FM should also have done was broaden the tax base which he somehow didn't.