Experiencing Srinagar/Leh/Lahaul-Spiti in June/July


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My objective is to see Srinagar and its surroundings for a few days, then travel to Leh. I want to do a small trek for a few days there and experience homestays with local people. Returning will be through the Leh-Manali road with a few days stop in Lahaul/Spiti. The trip will be from around 20th June to 4th July, but timings are flexible.

This trip should not be so much about seeing all the tourist attraction places and hurrying from one place to another, but getting in touch with the culture of the locals. I am trying not to plan too much because I think the trip will get much more valuable when you are open-minded to whatever awaits you and me on this journey. So this itinerary is only a rough plan based on my research until now. I am free for any suggestions like starting the journey in Manali or joining me for only a part of the trip. I don't intent to see all three areas in only 2-3 weeks if time doesn't allow it. Also the timings are not fixed, but only a guideline with a few days buffer.

Any helpful tips are always welcome!

Now a little bit about myself: currently I am on exchange semester in India in IIT Mandi. I am engineering student, starting yoga teacher, dancer and I love playing the piano. If you are interested in joining me on an adventure for lifetime, let me know. I am looking forward to hearing from you!