Extreme but Beautiful - Spiti Valley Ride 2016


Work Hard...Ride Hard...!
Spiti Valley DAY 1 - Ambala to Shimla


Our plan was ready, so we decided to go by train and come back by flight [ cost cutting ;) ] We booked tickets of Amritsar express as this was the only train which will start by Friday night .
Two days before we transported our bikes, so we will get the bikes on time. Agent took 4500 for one bike to parcel from Mumbai to Chandigarh which was far more than we expected.

Bike is getting ready at CST

We commenced our journey at 11:30 from Thane. The 31 hrs train journey seemed to be never ending, and there was nothing note worthy to write about.
Train reached 2 hrs late. After getting down from train the first thought which came in my mind was "have our bikes reached ? ". We went to the Parcel office, and I enquired about our bikes and the reply was, "Go and search by yourself if bikes are reached then let me know and if not then it will be coming in Next train" and we were like WTF. But I didn't have any other option as I had to reach Shimla by end of the day.

So we decided to search for the bikes, we left our belongings in the parcel office and started to search our bikes on Ambala railway platforms. After Searching for half an hour I finally found my bike as it had delivered yesterday, sigh of relief. But my friend was still struggling to find his bike. meanwhile I started to push my bike so I can reach the parcel office.

While I was dragging my bike to the Parcel office, a Railway employee stopped me in my tracks and forbid me from proceeding without the Railway Gate pass. As I was already running late, so I took out Mr. Franklin from my pocket and handed over to him to speed up the process.

After spending more than 1.5 hrs, we reached the Parcel office and completed formalities. We removed the plastic wraps, and cleaned our bikes and mounted our saddle bag. meanwhile one local guy offered us 1 litre petrol which helped us to reach to the nearest petrol pump. what a saviour

Ready to go (at Ambala station)

Finally struggling for more than an hour we started our journey towards Shimla by 2.30 Pm, our plan was to start our ride by 12 PM but we were 2 hrs behind our scheduled due to the pathetic service of Railway staff.

We fuelled the tank, started our journey and my god what a road it was....smooth tarmac with continuous straights. My R15 was easily managing triple digit speed but my colleague which was on a Passion+ was struggling to go beyond 70 So I had to take it easy.

There are two ways to go to Shimla, one way is from Chandigarh city and another one bypasses the city. To avoid the city traffic, We chose to bypass the city to save our already scarce time. We decide to take a lunch break after riding for more than 50Km, had some dal chawal and again commenced our journey.

After some straights its time for some curvy road which indicated the start of Shimla. The beautiful road was accompanied by equally beautiful landscapes, but the enjoyment didn't last for that long. After crossing Kalka we encountered heavy traffic and we were frustrated to see the never ending car queues. The road was narrow and it was impossible to manoeuvre our bikes through the traffic. After the start stop traffic we managed to find some vacant road.

Beautiful view at Kalpa

Photo time near Kalpa

Finally at 7:30 PM we reached Shimla, it took more than 5 hrs to just complete 150 Kms. It was peak season in Shimla and all the hotels were booked and for normal hotels they were asking for more than 1000Rs. What a bad luck...! we were already frustrated due to the traffics and we needed some good rest. searching for more than an hour finally we got hold of some decent rooms but the asking price was 1600 Rs.

Shimla hotel not worth of 1600 Rs

After an exhausting but adventures day we agreed to that amount without any second thought. We parked our bikes, kept the luggage and went for some well deserved rest.
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