Extreme but Beautiful - Spiti Valley Ride 2016


Work Hard...Ride Hard...!
Spiti Valley DAY 5 - Stay in Kaza

Day 4

Day 5, it was our rest day, we kept this day as a Local sight seeing in KAZA, and we need a good rest to. Kaza is big village in Spiti valley so you can find some good hotels to stay and most important is Mechanic, so you can check is your bikes before next halt.


kaza market
It was lazy day, my friend woke up at 9 and got a ready as he wants to visit mechanic as there was only one mechanic in KAZA.( Passion need some care ) So he left early and I decided to go after some time. Around at 10:30 I reached to mechanic, but mechanic was not there my friend told me he had some work so he gone to other place. we dont have other option than wait he came by 11:20, and he did some work and Passion started. I also lubed my chain and now our bikes are ready.

Now it was time to full our Tanks, we just had some around 2 or 3 litres of petrol left. we gone to petrol pump and Petrol pump guy said petrol is not available, it will come by 1 Pm, so instead of waiting there we decided to have a lunch.

We came to hotel, had a lunch in our hotel. Today we decided to visit the key monastery and Kibber Village so after having our lunch we again visited to Pump for petrol, still he has no clue when will be the petrol available. This time he told us "Sir 6 baje Pakka aa jayega."

kaza petrol pump

line for petrol

Riders waiting for petrol
We had that much of petrol, in which we can visit the Key and Kibber, so we left from there.

mountain view

key monastery
We came back at around 5 pm, freshened up and around 6 pm we reached to petrol pump, there was a huge line for petrol pump. another issue was localites are intruding and filling petrol in Jerry Cans. It was taking lots of time.

We met an Australian Guy in the queue, who was also travelling to Spiti Valley,after having some conversation with him i came to know that he was visiting India from past 19 years, wow what an interesting Man.

Selfie time

Around 11:00 Pm our number came, It took around 5 hrs what a waste of time, Please note that, if you are able to carry petrol in Jerry Cans please have it. The petrol Pump service in KAZA is very pathetic. I have never this kind of problem in my LADAKH Ride.


Work Hard...Ride Hard...!
Spiti Valley Day 6 - Kaza to Chandratal lake

Day 5

It is Day 6, Thank god we kept rest day in KAZA, petrol issue in KAZA was terrible, if we havent managed petrol then we have wasted one day in spiti valley ride.

Today we will be leaving to Chandratal Lake, which is the most beutiful lake which is situated at an altitude of about 4,300 metre. To reach the Chandratal Lake we have to cross the Kunzum Pass which is also the highest pass in spiti valley.We started at 9 in the morning, as chandrtal lake was just 100 kms from KAZA. After starting from KAZA few kms road patch was good but after that rods were very bad.

We took more break while going to Chandratal Lake bcoz of of bad patches of road.

The main hurdle on that road was yet to come the Kunzum Pass. Most of the riders faces AMS issue on this high passes, but thank god we havent faced an AMS issue this time.

Temperature was going down when we near to Pass, there was mud on the road due to the melting ice and riding in that slush was difficult, but finally we reached to Kunzum Pass.We took a break of half an hour at pass clicked few pics and again started towards the Lake.

Kunjom Top

Kunjom Pass

Bikes at kunjom pass

After Kunzum pass the roads become worst it was very difficult to sustain good speeds.

It was already 5 PM and we saw the board "chandrtal lake was still 12.5 kms" but this 12.5 kms was worst 12 kms of my life. Very narrow roads only vehicle can go at a time, if any SUV comes from your opposite side then even passing to bikes also becomes very difficult.

Bad roads was not enough, we faced water crossing which is very huge and deep.

water crossing spiti valley

Passion was unable to cross that water crossing so every time i have to go first and i have to come back again to push the passion and that was very irritating and time consuming (very cold water)

you have to cross 2 water crossing to reach to Lake camp, finally we reached to Lake camp at around 7 Pm. In chandrtal tents are the only option available which vary from 800 to 2000.

chandratal camp
We chose to stay in sharing tent which cost us 800 each including food, and that tent no one was there to share our tent.

Mountain view from chandratal

Tent at chandratal

The Mighty R15

Beautiful evening at chandratal
It was already dark so decide to visit Lake in the morning, clicked few beautiful landscapes and mountains.


Work Hard...Ride Hard...!
Spiti Valley Day 7 - chandratal lake to Manali

Day 6

Its Day 7 and we are at chandratal lake camp, last night was as chilly as it gets, temperature dropped to 4 Celsius. Due to high altitude we were unable to sleep, and we woke up at 5 AM, there was enough light to take some good snaps.

The Lake was 6 to 7 kms from where we were staying, we parked our bikes and we had to trek for 2 kms to reach the lake.

chandratal lake trek

chandratal lake

Due to the high altitude it took us 40 minutes to cover the 2 KM trek :( . But that effort was worth it, when you see the immense beauty of the chandratal lake. After getting some one on one time with the mother nature, we packed our bags and commenced on our journey towards Manali.

While on our way to Manali some fellow travellers informed us about the water crossing so we were mentally prepared for some turbulence ahead.

passion on bad roads

After driving for some 13 Km we came face to face with the first water crossing , which we negotiated safely, then came another one, then another one after that, the water crossings seems be never ending and it felt like we were driving in circles.

Bad Roads ahead

water crossing spiti valley

Afer spending more than half of our day on stones/water and with the help of short breaks, and after successfully crossing more than 15 water bodies we were exhausted but we some how managed to cover the last few Km's after the last water crossing to reach Gramphu.

In my entire Spiti Valley ride, Chandra Taal lake to manali road was the worst patch i have ever encountered.

The original plan was to reach manali till afternoon but we only managed to reach Gramphu and we still had 60 Kms to cover before we could lay our eyes on beautiful Manali. Our empty stomach didnt allowed us to go any further so we halted for lunch and ate maggie as were nothing else to eat.

lunch break


We continued our way to manali, and to our advantage the road seemed to be in good condition as far as our eyes allowed us to see. The curvy road indicated that we were near the Mighty Rohtang Pass.

The last time i was in Rohtang the experience turned out to be not so good, so I was ready for something along the same lines.But to our surprise, we found Tarmac ahead and we were able to maintain some good speed.

As we continued on Rohtang pass, we gained altitude, fog started to appear and we were unable to see more than 4 feet ahead of us, so we slowed down a bit.

After crossing the rohtang pass, the descent from there was equally good.

After this exhausting journey finally around 6 Pm we reached to Manali..


Work Hard...Ride Hard...!
Spiti Valley Day 8 - Manali to Bilaspur

Day 7

Day 8, We reached Manali yestreday evening, and after taking some time to recuperate, we visited the Manali market.The localities informed us about the famous Hidimba Temple (It is a temple dedicated to Hidimbi Devi, wife of Bhima). We decided to visit the temple in the morning which was 2 Kms from where we were staying.

Hidimba Devi Temple Manali

We visited the temple as planned, had a Pakoda's for breakfast and came back to the hotel and headed on our way to Kasol.

Chai Pakoda

The road to Kasol was in decent condition and we managed to reach the village before time.

Kasol village is situated in Parvati Valley, which is close to the banks of Parvati River.

Way To Kasol

Beautiful view of Kasol
Due to the unavailability of decent hotel rooms, we decided to stay in Mandi which was another 80 Kms from Kasol. As it was already afternoon, we had Lunch in Kasol. In lunch we were presented with delicious Punjabi cuisine.

Dal Makhani for Lunch
To our surprise we reached Mandi at 5 in the evening, as we had ample amount of time, we decided to continue our Jorney and stay at Bilaspur ( 66 Kms from Mandi).

The decision to continue proved out to be costly as the road turned out to be in disastrous condition and it took us 3 hours more.

We reached Bilaspur at 8 PM and started our journey to find a hotel. As it was a small city due to which we faced quite some difficulties on our search for a room.

Finally after roaming without a clue for half an hour, we came across Neelam Hotel and we stayed here at the cost of 600 Per Night.