Family Restaurant in West Delhi


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Hello friends,

I am looking for Family Restaurant in West Delhi, specially if any one aware of good veg restaurants in janak puri, rajouri garden or subash nagar.


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you can try Punjab Grills, a fine dining restaurant at Pacific Mall, Subhash Nagar

Also, you can try Pinch of Spice behind TDI mall, Raja Garden

plus there are plethora of restaurants at Rajouri Garden on both sides of the road

Yogesh Sarkar

Bercos in case you're looking for Chinese Food. Don't miss chat/tikki etc. at Atul Chat Bhandar in Rajouri Main Market, in case you're looking for street food before the main course.


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Looking for a family dinner, if you have option for the same, by the way thanks for chat/tikki option as well, I will giv it try some amother day.
Hello, You should try:

Punjabi Anghithi.
Location: A1 Block, LSC, DDA Market, Janakpuri

Pakwan - A Multimeal Family Restaurant
Location: 1/30, Mall Rd, Block 1, Tilak Nagar, New Delhi

Piccadily - Janak Puri (5 Star Hotel)
Location: Centre Complex, Janakpuri District Center, Janakpuri
There a lot of choices out there and are also budget friendly which is rare for the family restaurants. I hope that you can find one because I am also looking for one so I can go there properly in the future because people were not allowing me to go there in the past because there were some problems with the service lol. Hopefully, you guys can help me and OP with finding some good establishments that can really change the game if you want to. I know that there are some people who are not aware which is scary for the future.