Family Trip to Binsar - A Photologue

Hi friends, its been a long long time that I have posted a proper travelogue. A big cheers for all those people who have been able to take out time for writing beautiful t'logs on BCMT but somehow I have not been able to get enough time for the same due to professional and family commitments. This one also might be disappointing for those people who are looking forward to a full fledged t'log as this one is gonna be just a photologue of a short trip. And I promise, unlike previous occasions, I won't delay the pics. :)

As with most married man, my wife was after my life to go for a long due vacation for more than couple of months now. It seems like a long time when I went for my last motorcycle ride, August 2012, it was a solo (sorry, no t'log till now). Last trip with wife was to Chandigarh (if it can be called a trip) for Akshay Saini's (Ambale wale) wedding. And I really had to scroll my memory to remember when I went for a proper family trip to find the answer in our very own BCMT Meet in Theog. More pics of the same meet can be seen here -

I felt bad about the poor lady. Actually, I myself was also itching to go out and hence a call to apna Monty, my childhood friend, my companion on countless trips and a fellow BCMTian (ABHISHEK SAHOTA) - bhai, trip pe chalega kya? Answer was affirmative as always. I booked accommodation for both of us for 1st and 2nd February 2013 in Club Mahindra resorts Binsar and we decided to leave early morning on 1st. However, like it always happens with me, I got a friend's wedding invitation for 31st January in Meerut. So, after last minute alterations to the schedule, we decided to leave on 31st evening, attend wedding in Meerut, stay overnight in Meerut and leave early morning. Another matter which was to be fixed for the trip was the vehicle. Since Dzire was needed for family at home and i10 (with CNG kit) not a very practical option for carrying 5 people and their luggage as Monty's brother was roped in at the last moment, a friend came to the rescue and offered his brand new Hyundai Verna diesel, bhagwan bhala kare uska.

I came back early from office, got ready, loaded the luggage, left by 7pm from my home and had to pick Monty & family from Dilshad Garden. And the first thing I got was traffic jam, huge one at that, just after Karnal Bypass on the outer ring road. I reached Dilshad Garden at 9pm after facing another traffic jam on Yamuna bridge after ISBT. We topped up fuel and left for Meerut. We were not really worried as we had got an update about traffic jam at Modinagar earlier. We did not get a traffic jam but got hit by dense fog just after Muradnagar and the visibility was almost zero. I was driving at 30-40kph following tail lamps and blinkers of vehicles in front who often pulled over and we were left on our own many a times. Driving through fog, we somehow managed to reach wedding venue on Meerut Bypass just after midnight and thankfully, it wasn't too late by then. I met my friend wished her good luck for the new venture, had food and left. We stayed at Income Tax Guest House in Meerut which was booked for us by Monty's mama who is a top official with income tax deptt. We quickly dozed off with alarms set to wake us at 5am.


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Congrats for first family trip of 2013:)
T'log with no teasers:(, How come you are not following the T'log ritual?
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