Famous Gurudwaras How to Travel there

4. Gurudwara Sunar Toli

Google Co-ordinates:
25° 35' 57.29" N 85° 13' 21.78" E

25° 35' 57.29" N 85° 13' 21.78" E25° 35' 57.29" N 85° 13' 21.78" E
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Strategy to move / see all in one day stay !

Best time to be at Patna Sahib is in winters, October to March.

Those who visit by Train can hire 3 wheeler for the city movement:
Visit to Takhat Shri Patna Sahib & Other Gurdwaras in Patna
Visit all these Gurudwaras in the List:
Takhat Patna Sahib - Shri Hari Mandir Sahib
2. Gurudwara Shri Baal Lila Sahib
3. Gurudwara Kangan Ghaat
4. Gurdwara Sunar Toli Patshahi Pehli
5. Gurdwara Gai Ghat / Gau Ghat
6. Gurudwara Handi Sahib
7. Gurudwara Guru ka Baag

Hire 3 Wheeler from Patna Junction Railway Station.
Move straight to Main Gurudwara - Takhat Shri Hari Mandir Sahib.
You can get good number of new rooms / halls at Gurudwara Shri Baal Lila Sahib's Sarai,
This is at back side, walking distance from Takhat Shri Hari Mandir Sahib.
Get fresh now.

Hire 3 Wheeler for the day.
First move to Guru Ka Bagh Gurudwara backside 4-5 Kms from Takhat Shri Hari Mandir Sahib.
Spend sometime in peaceful park and see historical things there.
Then move to Sunar Toli Gurdwara.
This is few Km ahead of Takhat Shri Hari Mandir Sahib.
Some 3-4 Km ahead is Gau Ghat Gurudwara, near Ganga River / Ganga Bridge.

Then start for a long distance of about 18 km.
It may take an hour to reach Gurudwara Handi Sahib.
This is very cool & good place to be at River Ganga.

Then return to Sarai at Gurudwara Shri Baal Lila Sahib.
Now it is time to move on foot.
Come to front side, Main Gate of Takhat Shri Hari Mandir Sahib,
Here you will see a T Point opposite Police station.
This road goes to Ganga's bank.
After few hundred meters there is Gurudwara Kangan Ghaat.
It is in a small Room, in a small Street, but worth a visit.
Ganga was just here in those times.
There were boats to explore.

All Gurdwaras have staff to tell you about the history of the place.
I went to Patna Sahib in April 2012.

You can goto Patna Sahib in weekend.
Take overnight train if you are at 1000 km away.
Start train journey at Friday evening and take afternoon / evening return train on Sunday.
You can start to work easily on Monday.

For those who want to it on weekend can go by air also.
Check Google Maps in next post.
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Google Map / Maps for all the Gurdwaras at Patna Sahib !

This Map starts from Patna Airport :

You can copy above link and paste it in your whatsapp.
Then open it in whatsapp.
Now on touching this link,
your Google Maps will open on your mobile and you can check live where you are !.

Those who want to do it in a day visit by air can do it easily in 6 hours only.
Means you can see all Gurdwaras in a day at Patna Sahib.
Take morning Flight from anywhere.
Take taxi from airport to airport.
A friend has done it in 2015 this way.
Tickets of flights can be 7-800 INR, if pre booked 3-6 months earlier !
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