Famous Gurudwaras How to Travel there

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To maintain sanctity of the Gurudwara Sahib, Photography inside is not allowed but no one heeds to the instructions. A picture of the inside taken from outside.

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During auspicious days and other days of importance, there may be recitation of Kirtan and other programs for longer duration. However, other days, there is just a Kirtan in the morning and in the evening only. So, any visit to the Gurudwara during normal days should not take long time and visitors should look for alternative options for spending time in between.

Beautiful and large Sarovar is constructed on the right side of the Gurudwara Sahib. Trees around the periphery of Sarovar add to its beauty. However, with little Visitors and less use of the Sarovar, it probably need more maintenance.

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On the Left side of the Gurudwara Sahib are the Offices and Langar Hall. In the Langar Hall we witnessed continuous stream of visitors (mostly visibly non-Sikhs) welcomed with smiling Sewadars who served Langar and Tea. Langar is served throughout the day. In the morning it starts around 08:00 AM.

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View of Gurudwara Sahib from left side (Offices Side)

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Night view of the Gurudwara Sahib

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Breathtakingly beautiful greenery in the precincts of the Gurudwara and around it. Parking lot and a Garden.

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Our visit was in Mid-May, the advent of summer. Though the temperature was high, surprisingly, the breeze was cool.

Nishaan Sahib may be considered as representing the Symbol of Power. This is the Powerhouse that keeps the Nishaan Sahib fluttering high up in the sky.

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For Pilgrims and Visitors coming from distant places, Gurudwara Sahib has constructed Baba Buddha Yatri Niwas comprising of spacious and comfortable rooms. Presently, the rooms are provided free of any charges that prompt the guests for voluntary donation towards their upkeep and addition to the facilities.

A glimpse of the room.

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A model of proposed (and constructed) Gurudwara Sahib is kept in the Langar Hall

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Near to the Gurudwara Sahib, just before the entrance is Doordarshan Relay Centre. A view of its Mast and close up view of its structural components.

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A small walk outside the Gurudwara, we come to some shops that sell merchandise of daily needs besides Sikh Religion related wares.

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Walking a little ahead, we come across different shades of nature.

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On the lighter side

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A call for globalization - Hoardings of Travel abroad are always a part of Punjabi life cannot be missed.

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That concludes my Photologue / Travelogue hoping it may be useful to someone.