Famous Gurudwaras How to Travel there


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Thanks Shubham.
Just show the reference page from where You have taken these Pics.
I am much interested in these types of places, unknown for outsiders but famous / favourite for locals.
Satinder Ji, since I am in jalandhar today, so might be going to Talhan sahib today and will upload the pics

Pareesh Trehan

Pareesh Trehan
Thanks RK Bharat ji.
If You have Anandpur Sahib Pics & other Gurdwaras,
please show some GEMS here.

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Thanks Anubhav.
Please put more Pics of Takhat Sri Keshgarh Sahib, if possible.

As there are 5 Takhats.
1. Akal Takht Sahib (Opp Golden Temple Amritsar - Punjab)
2. Takht Sri Damdama Sahib ((Talwandi Sabo, Near Bathinda)
3 Takht Sri Keshgarh Sahib (Anandpur Sahib - Punjab)
4 Takht Sri Hazur Sahib (Nanded - Maharashtra)
5 Takht Sri Patna Sahib (Patna - Old City)

Panj Takht - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Some photographs clicked in my recent trip in August 2013 of Anandpur Sahib.


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Thanks Pareesh ji.
Contribute more from old stock also.
You may have Kashmiri Gurdwara pics
where You have stayed, if historic or not
just show info
where it is on highway etc.
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We paid homage to 'Panjokra Sahib' Yesterday.
Panjokra village is surrounded by lush green fertile fields.

Many thanks to 'Satinder ji' for providing so much information at such a short notice.

We had Bath at 'Devine Sarovar' and Children did some seva (community service) at langar hall.

On the way back we took 'Ambala cantt' route and my father locates his childhood home. Grandfather's old MES government quarter after span of some 50 years. Our Families moved to these Quaters after Partition of 1947 and vacated it in 1960's when my grand father and his brothers retired from service.

Incidently this place again got converted to very nice cantonment 'Gurdwara' and a 'Mandir' by MES authorties. Children had good time there, cycling freely with in compound of their ancestral house, amid so much greenery and blooming roses.

Fields were all green with Rice and Maize plantations. We clicked few photos too.


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Pics Please Of............
Great Visit............
If You have any Pics of Panjokra Sahib to share, please show us.
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Well done Mr. Satinder by starting this thread

Am posting a few pictures of Gurudwara Anandpur Sahib---- all have been taken by my mobile camera and are quite old.

Pano of Gurudwara from inside

Panorama 2.jpg

From outside

At Dusk
19042010232 a.jpg

Viraasat-e-Khalsa, aka Ajooba: Sikh Heritage Museum is a must visit place for one and all visiting Anandpur Sahib.
Amazing to say the least..... just mindblowing: all aspects of Sikh history are depicted here
Please visit this place atleast once in your lifetime: as a visitor, if not a believer

Panorama 1 a.jpg



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Great initiative Satinder sirjee, and kudos to all who've contributed.
This thread will be of immense help to all who would want to visit or know about the history of a particular Gurudwara. Though I haven't anything to contribute at the present moment, will keep this thread in my on my next visit to different Gurudwara's around our beautiful country.


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Thanks All.
Who are reading silently.
Who are Pressing LIKE Button.

for Your Contribution.
I think You have Kashmir Gurdwara Pics also.
Show us with maps etc., if possible.

Thanks for Noting down.
Please share your part also.


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Golden Temple Amritsar--- the holiest of the Sikh shrines.
Posting a few pictures clicked at different times during my visits to Golden Temple (2007, 2010, 2011)

IMG_0715 a.jpg

At Night


Pic of Langar Hall at night
IMG_0515 a.jpg

View from 1st floor: Chandeliers add to the spectacular brilliance
IMG_0716 a.jpg


IMG_0721 a.jpg

View from the top
IMG_0525 a.jpg

Darshani Deodi at night

After Sukhaasan: preparing and tying the 'chandoa/ chandini' for the next day. The devotees who had brought it (Chandini) and the 'rumalas' are in attendance.
The waiting period may extend anywhere from 18-24 months, while the chandni and rumaalas are kept in the store, and taken out the evening before



A tedious job.... changing the 'Nishan Sahib'

Cleaning of the 'Sarovar' of the twigs and dead fish

Dhaadi Jathas--- the Bards singing songs and hymns in praise of the 'Gurus', 'martyrs' in front of Akaal Takhat
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