Fantastic Trip to Kinnaur Region in June 2013


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Dear Friends,

here I come again with the narration of a journey which was new to me, and I had never dreamed of doing it, because I had heard that the roads leading to the places were very bad. But, all I found was adventure at par with nothing else !! I think I am going to cherish this journey for years to come !!!
I must also thank Anup Mathur ji (anupmathur) for making this itinerary for me, and guiding me throughout the way, and Naveen for suggesting me to stay in parasol camps in Rakcham, and also to suggest visiting Narkanda instead of Kufri as we had earlier planned. My trip was abundant with experiences of all kinds: anxieties, exotic moments, tense moments, fun moments, burst tyres... I will also be posting the phone numbers with names of the all the people I met (Hotels, Tents etc), suggestions of various other hotels etc, at the end of the travelogue, although it might be common to every traveler, but we learn from each other.

Car Used : Toyoto Innova Six Seater (Chauffeur Driven)
Camera's Used : Panasonic Lumix FZ45 and Sony Handycam PJ660VE HD Camcorder
Equipment used : Vortex Optics Pro GT Tripod (Pro-2)
Technology Used: Phone GPS with 3G internet.

My itinerary was like this: (which I had to change a little bit due to circumstances)

Day 1 (1st June 2013) - Agra to Dharampur (506 km ~ 8 hrs)
Day 2 (2nd June 2013) - Dharampur to Sarahan (224 km ~ 5 hrs)
Day 3 (3rd June 2013) - Stayed back in Sarahan to allow my daughter to acclimatize herself (she was on antibiotics for a stomach infection)
Day 4 (4th June 2013) - Sarahan to Rakcham Village via Sangla Valley (100 km ~ 3 hours)
Day 5 (5th June 2013) - Rakcham Village
Day 6 (6th June 2013) - Rakcham - Karchham - Jeori - Recong Peo - Kalpa (52 km ~ 2.5 hrs)
Day 7 (7th June 2013) - Kalpa - Narkanda (150 km ~ 5 hrs)
Day 8 (8th June 2013) Narkanda - Delhi (550 km ~ 8 hrs)
Day 9 (9th June 2013) Delhi ~ Agra (190 km ~ 2 hrs) (via Yamuna Expressway)

Total Kms Travelled : 1900

We started from Agra on the 1st of June 13 early (6 AM) from the new Yamuna Expressway, because I wanted to cover as much distance as possible, and wanted to arrive at my first destination early enough to be able to enjoy the first day also, otherwise the only thing that the first day remains for usually, is to park yourselves overnight in a hotel. I used the GPS in my phone all the time to get the correct routes (more for fun). My GPS allowed me to find hotels and restaurants on the move within the comfort of the car. I have 3G running in my phone (Galaxy S2) all the time, which I must say, is really helpful, because the GPS is really accurate with it's help. Upon arriving in Dharampur (We could have moved ahead, but my younger daughter was sick, and it was almost 4:30 by the time we reached dharampur, so I decided to call it a day.) I started to search for hotels nearby in my phones GPS using NEARBY feature, and came across the first entry : Hotel Sunrise Cottage. I could not see it, even despite the fact that the GPS showed me that I was right in front of it. All I saw was a restaurant kind of establishment with a few jute chairs. Quite unnoticeable, I went a little further near it, and saw the sign "SUNRISE COTTAGE". Skeptical, I went to the so called hotel counter, and asked if they had any rooms, without seeing any. To my surprise they said yes, and then took me downstairs. What I saw was unbelievable. One of the nicest rooms I had ever seen in a roadside hotel was in front of my eyes. I was also fortunate to find the room free, despite of the high season.






In the evening, we strolled to the little bazaar near the cottage, and ate at HOT MILLIONS, suggested by anupmathur ji. It serves everything you would want, from south indian to pizza, and was clean and ambience was good. Try to avoid the other well known names there like HAVELI, GIANI DA DHABA, SHER-E-PUNJAB etc, as the food, although not bad, but has lost it's taste over time, and are just names now. The evening at the cottage was great, with cool winds blowing, and I had a hot cup of coffee in the restaurant above. What a day !!



Unfortunately that night, my younger daughter anoushka, complained of intense stomach pain, which could not be controlled by the pain killers we were carrying (I gave her a superspas tablet). At 1 in the morning, in a strange place, I was terrified what to do. Not loosing my cool, I called the hotel manager and he told me that there was a community hospital near the hotel, and a doctor is on 24 hours service there. I woke up my driver, and rushed my daughter to the hospital. The doctor Mr. Bansal (09418504416) at the community hospital woke up immediately and attended to my daughter, and gave her a diclofenac injection, and ORS packets. He declared that she had severe stomach infection, which she had carried from Agra. He also prescribed antibiotics, and was kind enough to call a chemist in the market, and requested him to open the shop for us. The chemist opened up the shop at 2 pm in the morning for us, and gave us the medicines. I cannot thank Dr. Bansal and the chemist enough. May GOD bless them. I could have paid any amount of money at that time, but the Dr. Bansal refused to take any money, as all the medical facilities in the community hospital were free of cost. Only after getting conformation from the doctor, I continued the tour to Sarahan next day, and chose to stay there for 2 days so that she may feel better. These moments were the most vicious moments for me and my wife, and we had thought to cancel the trip further. Thankfully, Anoushka started to feel a lot better the other day, and we moved on.

Our next destination was Sarahan, where we arrived by 2 PM. I had wanted to stay in the HPTDC property Hotel Shrikhand, but unfortunately it was sold out on my dates, so I had booked a place called HOTEL SAGARIKA opp BHIMAKALI MANDIR. I went to see the hotel, which is predominantly a hotel run by a Bengali staff. The room which they showed me was pretty big, and the tariff was also discounted for me being in the tourism industry. But there was one issue with the room, which I noticed immediately. They were smelly beyond repair. The stench was probably from the carpets which were not washed / dusted since a long time. I knew my stay would be ruined if I stayed in the room. Even tripadvisor had no comments about this aspect of the hotel. Let me also add here that I am not undermining the hotel. Some people have rated it reasonably well, but sorry to say, it was not for me.
I decided to take a chance and check out Hotel Shrikhand (HPTDC), knowing it was fully booked. I approached Mr. Shivkumar Negi (Manager Hotel Shrikhand) trying my luck. To my surprise, there was a room free (God is great), and we immediately shifted to the room. The visit to Sarahan was enhanced to the max by the Hotel Property. It was paradise in itself. The open garden, great furniture, humble staff, good food, and above all, great views. Highly recommended to everyone going to Sarahan. But please, make prior bookings. You might not be as lucky as I was. I must also mention here that the temple guest houses (rooms within the temple complex) are also very good for families to stay in, but you have to make prior bookings for it, and they are normally full all the time. I will be giving you the numbers of the same at the end.







Experience in Sarhan (2150 mtrs) was great. View of the Shri Bhimakali Mandir was fantastic. The temple visit was so surreal, that it turned out to be an amazing experience. With its unusual architecture and wealth of wood carvings, Shri Bhima Kali Temple at Sarahan is the major monument that is duplicated no where else in the erstwhile hill states. Dedicated to the mother goddess Bhimakali, this is where sometimes Lord Shiva disguised himself as Kirat. Reaching a few steps up from the road to this paved courtyard, we entered into a different world of meditation. I felt a sense of happiness, awe, and freshness when I was inside the temple. It was an amazing experience to eat at the "Langar", which is organized at the temple complex. Simple Daal Chawal seemed and tasted better than a five star buffet. Evening was at leisure purchasing some woolen jackets for myself and family. The views from the hotel were great too, which occupied most of my time early in the morning. My idea of a vacation is a nice collection of photo's and videos, which, I think is the only way to relive the memories. Posting some pictures of Sarahan and Shri Bhimakali Temple.









The food in the Hotel Srikhand was great, although there are other options as well, which can be avoided, considering the restaurant of the HPTDC property. Feeling fresh and enthusiastic, with my little one doing fine now, we headed off to our next destination, Sangla Valley. The roads towards the valley were not very good for the most part, which wrecked havoc on the tyres of our car. We had a puncture in the tubeless tyre, in which we had a tube inserted at the first stop.





We reached Sangla Valley. It seemed paradise, presenting me with views I had never seen before. Whatever anyone imagines heaven to be, has to be like this. Cool winds, sound of flowing water, huge rocks forming a collage.. it all seemed like a postcard picture. I immediately got off from my car, and starting shooting. Presenting some of the photographs I took.

With the very first view of the Road towards Rakcham Village, my heart started to sing:

Come, sit with me, and enjoy the views,
all the trees, flowers, and their colorful hues,
the mountains calling from up & beyond,
you feel the thrill and excitement of a vagabond,
fishes lapping their fins in the nearby pond,
the dark blue skies with the pretty white clouds,
the chilly winds want to make you shout aloud........




Saw some cherry trees on the way. This was also a first timer.




The views of Sangla Valley were breathtaking. But I must admit that Rakcham Village, which is 30 minutes drive from the actual Sangla Valley, is a better option to stay any day, as it offers definitely better views of the Kailash mountain range, and you feel way closer to the hills. Actually you feel surrounded by them like never before. Further the Baspa river is more closer to you. I also want to mention here that the winds in Rakcham were more cooler and intense, giving you the "actual" hill effect. Posting some photos of the sangla valley as we entered it. :rolleyes: :D :eek:






We arrived in Rakcham Village. What a place !!! Probably the best place in Himachal I must say. Before I go any further, I think it is the right time to mention that this trip is ONLY for people who want seclusion from the world, and definitely NOT for the people who want the "Mall Road". This is a vacation which will allow connection with nature, to forget the worries of the world, act as fine wine, and will be worth every penny you spend.
We had made prior booking in a very nice and cozy hotel in Rakcham, HOTEL RUPIN RIVER VIEW. Highly rated on tripadvisor, Hotel Rupin River view (Sangla, Himachal Pradesh) - Hotel reviews, photos, rates - TripAdvisor, I called Mr. Naresh Jitshu, owner of Rupin River View hotel, who has a long experience in the travel industry, and still runs the travel business. The rooms were cozy, toilets were clean. There was a surprise in store for us. We had arrived at lunch time, and desperately needed something to eat. We ordered chilly chicken, Dum Aloo, Daal Tadka, and tawa roties. EXCELLENT FOOD. In fact, the tastiest food we had so far !!! Chilly Chicken was mouth watering. This is coming from me, born in Old Delhi area, a foodie and finicky about what I eat. I must admit, I was delightfully surprised to get this kind of food at the end of the world.








My days were now beautiful, because my daughters were enjoying immensely, and my younger one was feeling a lot better. We spent the rest of the day roaming around the village, and I found some beautiful spots near the flowing stream of water. The water was so cold that after 3 seconds, my feet started to hurt. These were some moments of my life that I will cherish forever. Beautiful meadows, snow covered mountains, glaciers in the distance, colorful huts, blue sky, water streams, flowers, pine trees.... Aaah !! what else can there be in heaven !! I thought to myself that the beauty of God's love is contained in the secret of all the rivers and mountains, and only by His word can we reach the the secret of His beauty, which was closer to me now, and in front of my eyes.

Now for the best part of the story.

Our next day at Hotel Rupin was full of surprises. I met a BCMT friend, Naveen, who was also staying in Hotel Rupin with his family. He suggested me to move over to another property called PARASOL CAMPS, which I did, and it turned out to be the best choice I had made in this trip. Mr. Naresh Jitsu was kind enough to adjust my tariff to the tents. He obviously had a business connection with the owner of Parasol Camps, for both of theirs business benefit, which I think was very healthy. Right next to the flowing river, the PARASOL CAMPS are owned by Monty, a young man with extremely good manners, and great hospitality. And WOW !!! what a place. I hadn't seen it on the internet, otherwise I would have booked it straight away. 12 very cozy tents, tucked away in the valley, in an open space, with a seating area, enough ground for children to run around and play, a tent separately for the buffets... a perfect package for a beautiful vacation setting !! I could not have asked for more. Every tent had an attached washroom, and a very comfortable twin bed inside it, with a charging socket and two lamps. Love at first sight !!
It was my first experience in a tent, and it was breathtaking. I chose the tent with the complete package on MAP basis. It was 2000 per day (for couples without food), and Rs. 3000 MAP for a couple. For my kids, he charged 1400 extra with bed and all meals, which was a deal. The experience of being pampered in a tent environment with mountains all around it, was GRAND !! The service of the boys at the tent was wonderful. They were all locals from the nearby houses, were not so educated, but perfectly understood how to please and respect guests. Their gestures, body language, speech, and voice tone, which I extensively notice being in the tourism industry myself, was really remarkable. Apart from the meals, we were regularly served tea (3 times a day), and snacks (Pakoras etc) in the evening.










There were houses nearby the river stream, with the house of Tenzing, a boy serving in the camps. Monty was more than helpful in providing us an airtel sim, since our phones with idea sim's were totally dead (PLEASE DO NOT CARRY IDEA SIM TO THESE LOCATIONS). Only BSNL, AIRTEL AND RELIANCE are good bets. When we were by the riverside, enjoying the moments, I asked Tenzing to bring two tea cups by the river side, which I thought he would bring from the camps, and they would be added to my bill. But to my happiness and surprise, he got the tea made in his house. This was purely an act of pleasing the guests with no strings attached. This touched my heart very much.
Then something terrifying happened. My best camera, the panasonic lumix suddenly fell into the river by accident :eek:. With a stroke of luck, as I was sitting right beside the river side, I lashed at it, and grabbed the strap of the camera, and pulled it out of the river. Otherwise, it would have been my donation to Baspa river. I immediately took out the battery and the sdcard out of the camera. Considering it to be dead, I dried it with my wife's hair dryer the whole night. The moisture had gone deep inside it, but my efforts were rewarded, and it came back to life. (THANK GOD).. Lol. \\:D/

The entire day, evening spent at the riverside was mesmerizing, and I had no idea of the other side of the world. Actually with our phones not working, it was an unintentional effort to be away from the world. I remembered reading in my history that the Mughal rulers used to go to hill stations to escape from their stressful lives. Looking around me, I now understood why. The Britishers used to do the same, and several of our mountain resorts have been found / named by them.

I thought crossed my minds when I was sitting beside the Baspa river. If you' re not beside a real river, close your eyes, and sit down beside an imaginary one, know that the water has wisdom, in its motion through the world, as much wisdom as any of us have. Picture yourself as the water. Feel good.



























In the evening, when we were strolling around the camps, to my daughters extreme joy, out came a bundle of happiness from within a fence of a nearby house. "Billu" as the local boy called it, a mountain pup was looking at us with his cute eyes. Was he cute !! My daughters did not care for anything now. They had found a friend. Upon asking the owner, he told me that he had got the pup from Sangla for only Rs. 500/- !!! If my mom liked dogs, I would have certainly got one for myself. These little incidents, enlighten your trip, and make it worthwhile. The pups owner boy was kind enough to bring the pup near the riverside so that my daughters could play with him.



After the morning breakfast, we headed for our excursion to chitkul. The views leading to the village were very beautiful. Upon reaching there, I was really disappointed. The place was amazing, but was more crowded than Rakcham with tourists. With nothing new to do there, except to sit beside the Baspa river, we did not spent much time there, and returned to our camps in time for lunch.























In the night, there was another beautiful experience that we had. Monty called us for campfire. There were two more families staying in the camps, who became friends with us. The electricity cut was adding to the darkness aura around the tents, and it was a great mysterious feeling to sit around the fire, with groping darkness all around us. We were asked to point torches in the darkness around us every now and then, and if we saw two glowing eyes, it could be any animal. (NOW that was comforting !!) I choose to listen to the river for a while, thinking river thoughts, before joining the night and the stars..

After an early morning breakfast, we headed onto our next destination, KALPA. This was the most adventurous part of our journey, now that we had to cross the extremely bad roads via the Karchham Dam, and Recong Peo. And people who told me about the roads, were certainly not joking. It was like the roads in Indiana Jones movies. These roads took the offering of two of our car tyres, which literally burst due to the roads. The road conditions are also owing to the constant drilling and dynamites blowing up the mountain sides by the JP group for their hydro projects. We saw many projects by the JP group. The soot and silt being thrown into the Satluj river coming from Tibet, has spoiled the river, with it's waters now completely muddy. This was an awful and a dismal sight. And also make sure that you have filled your car with petrol / diesel well before you start for this journey. The only petrol pumps that we found during the journey were at: dharampur, jeori, rampur, recong peo. There are no petrol pumps in Sarahan, Sangla, Rakcham, Chitkul and Kalpa. Did not checkout Narkanda for the petrol. And also highly advisable is to carry new tyres for the car. Worn out tyres will certainly not do for this trip.




















We reached Kalpa around 3, and immediately checked-in to our hotel KINNAR VILLA, which is 10 minutes from the HPTDC hotel, KINNAR KAILASH. I visited both sites, and I can safely say that location-wise, Kinnar Villa had a better disposition. Rooms were clean, spacious, with satellite television (good for the kids), clean toilets, an open and spacious balcony. The only disappointment was the VERY VERY EXPENSIVE FOOD MENU. Don't take me otherwise here. I do not mind paying extra for good food, but this was atrocious. The room tariff was 2500 per day (NET), but they had intentions of making it big with the food bill. I will mention some of the prices of food items below for everyone's reference. But first, the views of the hotel and the room of KINNAR VILLA.

Blessed with some of the most spectacular and beautiful landscapes anywhere in Himachal, I found Kalpa to be a travelers paradise with lofty snow peaks, deep gorges, lush green valleys, flower bedecked meadows, a beautiful temple and monastery. I found it to be a perfect place for relaxing & trekking. But in the winter season, this place, I am sure would be an ideal place for mountaineering, para-gliding, skiing, ice skating and golf too. With all these, I think Kalpa has all the makings of a Fairyland. Further, it's location add to its beauty, which is at the base of the imposing Kinner Kailash ranges and Shivling peaks which rise upto 20,000 feet, towering above the clouds, kissing the heavens, encircling the area around. Kalpa itself is spread amidst chilgoza forests, apple plantations and the holy deodhars, which we were not fortunate enough to see as it takes quite a trek to go there.









Kinnar Villa had a homely look, the balcony outside was inviting, and the views breathtaking. In fact, the 32 ft high SHIVLING was visible right in front of my eyes. There was good enough snow on the mountains, and we did not see the sun much, which was comforting, as we knew upon returning back to Agra, we would ONLY see the sun :-(
The locals say that the SHIVLING of mount kailash is THE only part which does not get covered in the snow in the winters, when the entire mountain range is covered white.

Roads to Kalpa were very beautiful, and I saw some peach trees. Moments like these make your trip worth the money you spend. I am posting some images of the trees and the passages which I found on the way to Kalpa.







In the evening in Kalpa, we went downtown to have a look around. We first went to the Buddhist temple in the small, but beautiful streets of the village. Serene, quiet, and cool winds greeted us there. Although the temple was closed, it still was beautiful to be there. I met many foreign tourists also sitting in the roadside dhaba's run by the locals there. Had some interesting conversations with them, and wondered if they toured the mountains in a better way than us?? We had some Aloo paratha's in the dhaba's (probably the tastiest one's in the hills ever). Apart from the taste of the paratha's, the mere feeling of having them at that place was great. Had a delicious tea cup as well with the foreign tourists. The fantastic feeling of walking in the streets of Kalpa, with the views of the mountains, was breathtaking.












Next morning, we moved on to our next destination, Narkanda. I had bookings in Kufri at the Galleu Hill Resorts, and Chail at Rashi Resorts. Another option in Kufri was the RAS RESORT. The Chail Palace in Chail was sold out on my dates. The Galleu resort in Kufri is a better option than Chail because it is at a height (hill top), and the location is very beautiful as well. But then, these are all tourist locations, and the peace & quiet that I usually look for, would not be found at these places, hence I moved onto Narkanda, a place which I hadn't been to earlier.
The roads leading to Narkanda were very beautiful and full of greenery.





We checked in to the first hotel we could find, and although little expensive (Rs. 2750) for one night, it was instantly appealing to us, because the room was very big, and was a family room. (It was the only room which was left). It was Hotel Mahamaya Palace (registered with Himachal Pradesh Tourist, as claimed on their website) My daughters instantly liked the room, because it had a lounge separately for cable TV. Some photo's :



After some initial rest, we went in the evening to visit Hatu Peak (3400 mtrs), since I knew we would not have time in the morning, as I had decided to checkout early in order to reach Delhi by 5 or 6 pm. And what an adventure !!!! The road is just enough for a car or bike. Certainly NOT for tempo travellers and buses. Some bends were really scary. When you start to climb up, in just a matter of 5 kms, you attain incredible height, and the winds you will feel on your face here, will be much more chilly than anywhere else in your trip. What a fantastic feeling to be there on the top. At the hilltop, there is the ancient temple of HATU Devi Maa, amongst a dense forest, which offers the highest level of seclusion. It was great to be there, and just up ahead, is a hotel much talked about some families whom we had met in the Parasol Camps, THE AGYATVAAS. But they also mentioned that although the hotel was very very big, and the location was excellent, the service was very poor, but this just could be a personal perspective, as the hotel is highly rated on tripadvisor. But then again, to stay in such a secluded place was not my idea, as it sometimes becomes scary and uncomfortable for ladies and children. The sunset offered some great moments, which I am sharing with you :









It was not a very happy feeling to be at the end of our trip. I wish we had more days to spend there. On the way back to Delhi, we passed the Shimla Road, and were shocked to see the amount of tourists, with the traffic jams adding to the scene. Looking at that, we felt so blessed and thankful that we had visited places totally opposite, so peaceful, so serene. I will definitely visit Rakcham once again in my lifetime. Some views coming back...




Back home by 9th afternoon, I felt so fulfilled, content, satisfied and grand. I thank God for making me capable enough to bring these pleasures to my family, to be able to experience what are just dreams for thousands of people. Thank you GOD, for showering your blessings on us. I also want to thank my DAD (may God rest his soul) to make me what I am today, taking us around as children to various parts of the world, and for making the tourist out of me. Love you Papa. Whenever I see something beautiful, I remember him a lot, and wish that he could be there with me to experience that with me.

And this is how I archived my Vacation Video Collection to cherish me a lifetime. All Designed, Printed and Packed by myself.


Well, now I am giving you all a list of hotels I stayed in, with their contact numbers, so that anyone planning a visit to this region may benefit from it. Some alternate options are also suggested after this list.

1. HOTEL SUNRISE COTTAGE, DHARAMPUR (01792 - 264109, 264309, 09418556530)
2. HOTEL SRIKHAND, SARAHAN (HPTDC) (Mr. Shivkumar : Manager ~ 09418035826, 08894335975), (01782-274234, 09418024012 ~ Hotel Counter)
3. HOTEL RUPIN RIVER VIEW, RAKCHAM VILLAGE, SANGLA (Mr. Naresh Jitsu ~ 09816686789, 09418092894)
4. PARASOL CAMPS, RAKCHAM VILLAGE (Mr. Monty ~ 08679350006, 09816515006) e-mail.: [email protected], WEB.:
5. HOTEL KINNAR VILLA, KALPA (Mr. Anil or Shivdayal Negi ~ 09418036006, 09816494215, 01786-226006, FAX 01786-226506) EMAIL.: [email protected]
6. HOTEL MAHAMAYA, NARKANDA (Mr. Thakur.: 01782-242448, 242648, 09418042448, 09816405199)


1. SARAHAN .: HOTEL SAGARIKA opp BHIMAKALI MANDIR (09433120997 / 09805694216) Mr. Sapun Chatterjee[/B]
2. SARAHAN .: Temple Guest House (Temple Manager ~ 01782-274248)
3. SARAHAN .: Trehan Guest House (01782-274205)
4. SARAHAN .: HOTEL GREEN VALLEY (Mr. L. R. Thakur ~ 09816185518, 09459724839) EMAIL.: [email protected]
5. KIARIGHAT, NEAR DHARAMPUR .: APPLE CART INN (HPTDC) 01792-256148 EMAIL.: [email protected]
6. KALPA .: HOTEL KINNAR KAILASH COTTAGE (HPTDC) 01786-226159 EMAIL.: [email protected]
7. KUFRI .: GALLEU HILL RESORTS (Mr. Rakesh ~ 09650801522, 08285829129)
8. KUFRI .: RAS RESORTS (09816033331)
9. CHAIL .: RASHI RESORTS (Mr. Suneet Wadhwa ~ 09816048376, 09899210962)
10. NARKANDA .: THE AGYATVAAS (094 18 065940) At the top of Hatu Peak.







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Excellent log, Anurag!
Great pics and all the details that one could ask for! :cool:

Best of all, no teasing!! :grin:


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Wonderful log and pics anurag,,, Thanks for all info regarding hotels in the logs,:) that will be useful too


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All in one go!! :D
Fabulous account and narration! Thumbs up! Glad that your camera/MMC didnt die out there after falling. :grin:


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Dear Anup Sir,

Thanks for the comments. Yeah, I don't like teasing myself. It took me some time to prepare the log, but I knew I had to do it the way I did. Thank for the encouragement, and for making this trip possible.


Excellent log, Anurag!
Great pics and all the details that one could ask for! :cool:

Best of all, no teasing!! :grin:
Great Travelogue.....
Great Captures...........
Great Views...................
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