Feedback and queries for trek near Pune


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Hi All,

Both me and my wife are completing 5 years of our marriage. This time we both have taken almost a week off from office & we wish to do 5 treks in and around Pune. While we both are not super fit people but we have done a few treks in and around Pune/Lonavala in last 3-4 months and are able to do 5k walks very comfortably every day. I have listed my itinerary below, I request all experienced folks especially from Maharashtra to guide me of few of my questions below.

Itinerary :

Dec 14 - Saturday - We plan to to do an easy trek in Junnar region. So planning Narayangad for that day. From Narayangadafter trek we plan to travel to Pachnai village and stay there.

Dec 15 - Sunday (Our anniversary day) - We are planning to do Harishchandragad trek from Pachnai route with help of a guide. Probably camp on the top.

Dec 16 - Monday - Visit Taramati peak , caves & descend back to Pachnai. From there we will travel to Bhandardhara. Stay at MTDC Bhandardhara.

Dec 17 - Tuesday - This is a rest day for us & we play to stay put at the resort itself or may be explore a few things nearby.

Dec 17 - Wednesday - Start early morning from MTDC Bhandardhara & we will try and do Kalsubai peak and descend back to Bari village by evening. If we are too tired we may stay put in the village else travel to Junnar.

Dec 18 - Rest day in Junnar.

Dec 19 - Friday - We plan to trek Shivenri fort and come back to Junnar for stay.

Dec 20 - Saturday - We are planning to go to Chawand fort and then come back to Pune.

A few queries about my itinerary,

1.) Do we need the trek for Harishchandragad if going via Pachnai village route ? If we need a guide what are the approximate charges from same. If anyone has any contacts please do share.

2.) Camping on a Sunday evening on the top with my wife - is it safe enough ? Will there be people around on Sunday - if anyone has any personal experience please feel free to share.

3.) How tough is the hike to Taramati peak - are there any dangerous rock sections ? Both of us are not very comfortable with slippery rock sections since we are still fairly new to hiking alone. We do it mostly with groups .

4.) Is there is any good recommendation for value for money places to stay at Bhandardhara ? I found resorts too expensive, we are looking for something in 1500 to 2000 per day range.

5.) For people who have done Kalsubai Peak - is there any guide required for same & do you have any particular suggestions for people like us who are going there for first time ?

Please do let me know your thoughts.

Kartik G Pai