Feel like a bird - Mesmerising Bir Billing and Barot . Pihu’s 9th birthday

Suneesh Sharma

Love my Iron Beast
Hi guys,

First of all thanks to almighty for giving us a chance to plan a short trip to Himalayas . This time in lovely valleys of Bir and Barot .

This would be a photologue with pics of each day we spent in the lap of Himalayas.
Below are my co travellers -
1. Better half - Navjot a bcmtian as well
2. Our daughters - Pihu and Nikki
3. Mansi - again another bcmtian
4. Maneesh and Jasqueen on their RE
5. Gaurav - neighbourhood friend

Trip information :

Total distance travelled : approx 1200 kms
Diesel expenses : INR 6600
Stays : Madhav kunj homestay , Bir - 1500 per night for family room and 1000 per night for two persons

River retreat camps at Barot - 3800 per tent including breakfast and dinner

Paragliding charges : 2k per person including video and some stunts.
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