Film developing/scanning in Delhi


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Hi Guys,

I am looking for a good shop in Delhi which does 35mm film scanning. The shop near my house (in Shalimar Bagh) asked for 200 rs to develop and scan a 36 film roll, and i am pretty sure he doesn't have a good film scanner. I am still waiting for the scans though (expected to be ready by this weekend).

Which shop was it can you give a number?

Hi Guys,

I am looking for a good shop in Delhi which does 35mm film scanning. I need the digital photos. I enquired from many shops in delhi but they are asking too much high like 500rs/roll. If anyone can tell me any good photo roll development studio or shop in Delhi NCR. I have lot ofr negatives and I am looking to develop them digitally. So a wholesale price will be fine. Is there any wholesale market for this in Delhi?
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How much are you willing to offer? It’s a lot of work scanning each individual frame from one roll of 36 negatives. The person who does it spends a lot of time

How important are the negatives to you? Do you want amateur level scans or pro level? Have you considered buying a scanner! There are also some DSLR accessories which let you shoot each frame on your camera.

You can search for Idea Creative Mumbai online and ask them fro a bulk rate.

I had 1000s off rolls to scan so I bought a scanner. If it weren’t for the pandemic I would have asked you to send me your negs and my office boy (who I have trained to scan) would scan them for a bulk price. But now office is shut and I have no idea when it will open.


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I have in bulk Some are quite old around 15-20 years back. I want to know I can get them scanned. I enquired few shops they are asking me Rs100 per photo. Few asked me 600 per roll which is damn high. Please let me know if you know any shop around. I can take it from you.