Finally... Hardy Goes to Goa and what happens next..... Twists & Turns!!!


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Hello's BCMT Folks... :)

Getting out of hibernation at BCMT! It was sad to hear about Yogesh and not being able to come at meets for a lot of years! God bless his soul and his family! [-o<

It's said that people make plans for Goa only to be cancelled! Same happened with me...wanted to Go to Goa since 2000 BC but to no avail. As a add on, I have pretty awesome pathetic luck in travel(thanks to Rahu Devta) so have to use all my 650 odd muscles to force upon a trip. So my Goa story was literally no less than "Dil Chahta Hai" movie... some details I can't give but in general would spill the beans like a STING OPERATION! :grin:

So the trip included lot of booking, cancellation, agreement, disagreement, frustration, :minigun: :chain: [-X :-({|= :finga: arguments, fights, boredom..... freedom, fun, fotography, dance, music, friendship, sea, sand, sun, babes, flirt, swimming,:partyman::supz::popcorn::rock: to sum it up! Oh yes and not to mention my
ACCIDENT:Hangman: at Tito's Lane(Goa) which left me limping and almost put cold water on the entire trip thinking if I would come on 2 legs back home!!!

But what is life without so much drama? :grin: So posting 1 teaser but first enjoy some "Goa Memes" before I flood this thread with pics! haha

PS: Any oldies out there?



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So this trip happened last year Xmas for 5 days.

I work in IT so had lot of leaves to be utilized at Xmas/NY time. Had a plan for Goa going on since 2000 BC, so one of my old friend(we both Delhites) started making plan and I was pretty ok with it as I didn't want to rot at home. He roped in his friend from Mumbai so we were 3! So my friend booked my flight which cost 15k (almost double the usual rate) and a high end hotel @18k daily since friends wanted something lavish. Since it was Xmas I knew it would be that costly. Mumbai friend handled the taxi rental at Goa. I handled formulating the whole trip itinerary for which I spent almost a week of research work perfectly using the office time!! :pThanks to low volumes at work on Xmas/NY!

First Twist: Just 1 week before the trip, the Mumbai friend threw tantrum and cancelled his plan. Whopper! ](*,) So that means that me and my friend had to share 18k hotel and about 12k Taxi rental. So me and friend had long discussions what to do since 2 people can be ok but 3 is much better overall specially cost sharing and fun. He tried to rope in someone else but to no avail. So the another scenario was that we both had to go. So plan was almost cancelled! :Hangman:

Turn: So just 2 days before the trip my friend somehow managed to make the Mumbai friend agree to join again. So whatsapp group was made and some funny Veg and Non-Veg memes about Goa and beaches started flowing in setting the mood! So finally I started packing and did some last minute shopping in आनन फानन!

Twist: Just the same day they both had whatsapp argument of not selecting good hotel and the shitty blame game! :minigun: :snipe: I was a clueless mute spectator :popcorn: since Mumbai friend was new to me and I didn't know what to do. This was very childish from the Mumbai friend as we all know that at this time of the year all is costly at Goa!!! To get a better deal people make advance booking few months earlier! But somehow my friend didn't escalate and showed maturity and Mumbai friend had a superior ego satisfaction of "winning" the argument! So that silly argumentation almost led the whole trip going down the drain once again! :toimonster:

D-Day: So the noonish flight was booked by my friend and Mumbai friend criticized that flight should have been booked in the early morning so we could reach around 10am at the Goa hotel. Here I agreed with Mumbai friend since reaching on time would give us almost a day to explore as well as have breakfast included at the hotel!

Twist: So on the flight day my friend's driver had to pick me up and drop at friend's home. I called the driver and he said "सर हम लेट हो सकता है, मेट्रो लेट है". Flight time was slipping by and I booked a taxi so we could reach airport on time.

Turn: I reached his home which is just 2 kms and his driver was there before the expected time!! My friend said he would go in his car with the driver! So I didn't want to waste any time in argument, so I just cancelled the taxi and it cost me Rs 200 odd for just 2kms! :roll: Friend was pretty relaxed getting ready even though we were running short of time. Somehow we reached the airport and almost missed the flight but thank god, the flight was about 20 mins delayed! All the time I was worried of missing the flight but he had no worry at all! :-({|=

The First: So here it is..... boarding my FIRST flight of the life! We are GOA'g to GOA! \\:D/ :arrow: :arrow: :arrow:



To be continued.......


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Let the show begin....
Just started and hope people like it. More drama coming up! :p

btw Happy New Year 2021 to you and family! Good to see oldies here! I wonder the most famous poster is not marking his attendance here yet. We all know who is he... he puts Great comments. :grin:


Happy New Year 2021 to you and family... and all the silent watchers! :-D


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Ok so we landed at Goa at around 5pm and the first thing was to get the taxi we rented for 5 days. As per some "rules" the rental taxi are not allowed at the airport as the taxi union has some monopoly of not allowing any private cars and rented taxi. This is the ugly side [-X and I have read on forums that taxi union guys harass tourists and force them to take taxi at much higher rates! :x So we walked about 200 mtr and there was our rented taxi guy waiting for us. We took some pics of the vehicle to make sure we know it's dents etc and I submitted one of my ID as security. So we had to go to the Hotel now but my friend was feeling hungry! He loves munching up stuff :popcorn: and his 1 pack abs was a live proof of that! :-D

I suggested we first reach the hotel ASAP since it was getting dark and the hotel was at least 1 hour away and then could eat at the hotel or any nearby place. But he wanted to dine out in a relaxed manner. We searched for some place and ate a bit and it took 1+ hour. He had the famous
Goan King Fish in a relaxed Kingly manner! It got almost dark now. Here the Mumbai friend(he reached at the hotel in morning) was getting very uneasy and was calling him every now and then from the moment we took the flight as he was getting bored at the hotel alone. So I didn't drive since I wanted to focus on just looking out of window and enjoy the streets/ roads/ people/ trees/ bushes/ shops of Goa! My friend has been to Goa earlier so I made him my driver as a punishment for his laziness. :grin:

So we reached at the hotel at around 8:30pm!!! :roll: Mumbai friend was not looking very happy so my friend tried to cool him off! So we decided to hit some pubs etc after freshening up. After 1 hour we were at the Tito's Lane which is the most happening place in Goa with lot of open pubs and all! So we chose a pub and both of them were after the babes who are there planted by the pubs as a bait! Since I don't drink at all, this is not a place I am most comfortable with but for the sake of joining company I joined! So they had their drinks :partyman: :drinkers: :supz: :rock: and after some bit of dance with some girls they both somehow managed to get their numbers to catch up later! ;-) \\:D/


Then we went to Baga beach at night to relax and wander around and eat a bit and took few rounds of the market! Each bar each shack had different mewjik playing!

We came back pretty tired after the party & eat out at the hotel at around 1am. Our legs were doing Bharatnatyam after lot of walking! I told friends that I would get up early and go to beach even though I knew both would not get up before 10am! [-( To get rid of tired legs I did my secret ninja technique ;) and legs were much relaxed! So I slept tight at 2am and recharged myself and my mobile. I got up at 6:30 and had a strong coffee outside the room which had a pool..... I said to myself.... REEEELAAAAAXXXX... you are in Goa! :heart: We stayed at a lavish waterfront hotel near Baga beach. Hotel was great as it was a bit off from the beach and peaceful with 2 swimming pools!

The small pool just before our room.... my FIRST LAVISH spending! :cool: I would be doing some swimming here later even though I can't swim. No people there as they all party late night including animals and birds! Goa wake up slowly! :whistle:


Good Morning GOA! :) This was the big hotel pool just before waterfront sea but not exactly seaside. The reason their hotel name has "Waterfront" in it's name.


So GOA sunrise set the mood positively set. Time to SEE the SEA... \\:D/ I am off to early morning Baga beach stroll!

To be continued....... stay tuned... don't move!:popcorn:


Plz Help Himabuj (Amit Tyagi) in Corona Fighting
LOL... I am just following your foot steps. :grin:

btw when are you organizing the first 2021 BCMT meet? :-k
Ask Govt to allow gathering of more than 50 persons !

Corona's UK Strain is coming !
We will surely welcome it with our gathering !


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Ask Govt to allow gathering of more than 50 persons !

Corona's UK Strain is coming !
We will surely welcome it with our gathering !
I guess the biggest gathering we had was like 45 odd people way back in 2014 anniversary meet as below. As far as I remember for any regular meet the head count is usually <=20!

So these days 20-30 would be max I guess. But I guess you know more so you can suggest.