Finally my LUV Ertiga Ldi comes home (1 Lakh km update)


VJ Kumar
Haha, there is most certainly a typo here!!
I wonder why you don't live closer to your place of work.
No Sir there is no typo. I live near Saket & travel daily to GGN. First I need to drop my wife @ Sec 54 GGN at her office n then move towards to my office @ sec 21 GGN. So total around 55km daily


VJ Kumar
Last weekend my LUV went for a 72K service. This time I bet on Multan Automobile Okhla for service as I was fed up with other service centers.
I realize that my decision was right. They will tell you about actual problems only and nothing extra like other MASS.

Total dent on pocket- 8300 Rs.
Service Time- 7hrs.
Overall exp: I am satisfied with their service. I will go there again for 80K service also.

After this service I did a Delhi-Kasol road trip with 5 Adults. My LUV returns 17KMPL mileage. I am impressed with it.


VJ Kumar
Achieved one more milestone today with my LUV. Crossed 75KM today evening while coming back to home from office.

Got new projector and neon tube installed under headlight