Finally my LUV Ertiga Ldi comes home (1 Lakh km update)


A Rebel, in pursuit of a memorable life ...
Same is in business !
Now situation is worse.
No Money...
But full time is here with such category !
Nahi paaji ..

I can debate on this.

IN a job there is no surety of job, no personal life.

But in business ...

Yeah, the current situation is not good due to less money in the market ...

But I know many businessmen who are still doing good in such a bad market scenario

You can always spare time or extra for your personal life... ( No mandatory to punch in biometric attendance machine... else deduction of leave or salary is a must)

You can take long leave depends upon your business planning and streamline of work ... (not in case of the job especially a private)

that's why many people who have guts already left the job and started their own business..

ola + Uber + swiggy delivery + Amazon delivery is a fine example...

but yes these all depend on requirements upon how much money needed to meet the monthly running of the house.

There is always no fix timing in the job neither in business also, but life is better enjoyed by those who owned businesses.

Simple funda hai jitne hemant karo business mein uthna hi meetha huga..

but not in case of job salle yaha per baut FOX hai , jo dusaro ki wah wah apni taraf karne ke liye lol...

I can debate this whole day.. but it's not easy to do business also


A Rebel, in pursuit of a memorable life ...
So where are u heading now on vacations?

are kaha.. kyo maajak kar rahe hu...

let C but i really wants to see snowfall.. may be shimla in jan... a day or two..

Kisi ko marna padega hai instant leave ke liye lol heheheh :D:twisted:

Rishtedaar isse din ke liye to kaam aate hai wase to kisi kaam ke naa . hahahha