First Aid Travel kit


Senior Billi
What is ORS? Oral Rehydration...?

This reminds me...from sports shops, "instant energy" glucose syrup stuff in sachets. What you need for the shock effect.

Somnath Nag

1. Pain killer (voveran sr) /paracetamol tabs for fever or hadeque.
2. Oxymetazoline nasal spray to clear blocked nose.very common in hilly area.
3. Silverex ointment for burn.
4. Volini gel for pain and headaque.
5. Feracrylum gel for haemostatic ( stop bleeding)
6. Sulbutamol inhaler for acute bronchoconstriction


Nature Lover
Excellent compilation Doc! Wonder how no one thought of such a compilation earlier.

My kit in my car has all all these plus the following.
Elastic or crape bandage which I find very useful in case of a sprain.
Moov cream and spray for the same purpose and for muscular or arthritic pains
Combiflam and Diclofenac tabs (I have a history of Rheumatoid Arthritis)
Imodium for lose motion.
A sealed surgical blade
Packet of ear buds (very handy and versatile cleaning equipment)
Hand sanitizer
and finally Antacid and Eno pouches.


Senior Billi
Disposable surgical gloves are also useful to have in the toolkit, for keeping your hands clean when you have to work on something oily or greasy.
You could get a bulk pack of them from some industrial supplies place or medical supplies place.



Wonderful thought & very well composed Doctor Saab!:D Thanks to others with their inputs, specially to Somnath Da!:D

One point, in my last high altitude journey (Manali - Leh - Pangong Tso - Leh - Manali), I used Avomine irrespective of the fact that I got a vomiting tendency or not, instead of Domstal.

Now my question is what are the basic differences between those two drugs (Avomine & Domstal)?:confused:

I am planning Kinnaur during June this year with wife & kids (now, 30 months completed); what are you suggesting as Travel Kit for Kids, specially:confused:


I'm no biker though, how I wish I was.......
One can never be too careful while biking and its better to be prepared. Accidents don't tell you before occurrence.
On Yogesh's suggestion I'm putting down a few essentials that all bikers ought to carry as first aid equipment. Actually applies to all travelers on BCMT, given that no one here believes in normal travel to 'family' destinations.

Here is a rough list of things one may need..


Soframycin/ betadine ointment

Savlon/ dettol lotion

Gauze- sterile...1-2 pkts

Large safety pins


Sunscreen cream

Surgical Gloves

Surgical Tape (micropore)


Sterile alcohol wipes

Anti-Diarrheal Medications: Norflox TZ

Anti vomiting...Domstal

Anti mountain sickness (esp ladakh/ spiti tavelers)....Diamox tabs

Triangular bandages

Tweezers (pull out glass and other items imbedded in skin)

Oral rehydration salts (ORS)

Thermometer in hard case

Watertight container to store everything in


Will wait for feedback from everyone and we can update the list as we go along to make it a very comprehensive first aid kit.


If Carrying this much stuff, where the Pillion will sit???:D