Flowers and Macro photographs

Yogesh Sarkar

Amit I guess the first one Surajmukhi? Don't know for sure as I too am clueless about flower names.

Praveen, first one is simply fantastic!


Arvi-the wanderer
@Yogesh -- A very good shot, just remove the blank portion from right .... let it be a square photo....:)

@Parveen -- The first Shot is really amazing... just crop the unwanted portion of the image.

@DJ -- the shots are with great clearity, colours, sharpness. Both the shots are simply amazing.

@Shamil -- the second shot is really vivd and you could also a second shot out of it if yo do a tight crop at the center brown portion with less remaining portion, it very sharp amd can make a very nice macro out of it.
For first shot, the DOF is good but the only thing that hurts the eye is the huge tree trunk at the back, if it was possible to compose the shot without the tree trunk in back then it would have come out great with only Railway engines at back.

Cheers to all nice photos....

Yogesh Sarkar

Nice shots guys

Schumi thats a nice butterfly, I don't think I have seen one yet, which looks like that.

Thanks Arvinder, planning to capture a much tighter shot tomorrow morning, when the sun light would be coming from the side and wouldn’t be blocked by me.

Ps. darkside_of_d_sun = Shamik :)