Ford Ecosport : A new urban beast


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pricing is such a major point for this car... ford has done real brilliant job and got the production model to be so beautiful and hopefully the pricing will be as small as their engine and as effective as they say it is! ;)


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TD-ed 1.5 Ltr Diesel Ford Eco Sports today, came back with mixed reactions.
The size is slightly larger than normal hatchback, though high and prominent bonnet, high ground clearance and wheel on boot door gives it very different, muscular and SUV-ish looks.
The interior through pretty well equipped, lacks quality (very poor plastic quality).
Rear seat is comfortable but strictly for 2 occupants only.
It looks much smaller from inside than outside, the feeling is much more hatch like from inside.
The pick up and power delivery is smooth with minimum lag and have excellent drivability in city.
Out of 3 engine options, 1.5 L Diesel, 1 L turbo Petrol and 1.5 L Petrol, AT box is only available on 1.5 L Petrol.

Overall a nice car albeit interior quality can be improved with a huge margin, the segment is altogether new.


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Waiting for BCMTians to test drive the 1.0 litre Ecoboost turbo petrol and put up a initial review :) If I had the money and intention, I would have bought this variant.



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There is a proverb in Gujarati "Sandha Etla Vandha" which means lesser the joints, lesser are the problems. So I guess only future will tell if the "Child Parts" theory of Ford will whether fire or back fire their sales ;)


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Now after doing a short TD myself, I'd say that I'm half impressed.
TD a diesel top end model yesterday evening for 8-10 minutes.

The first and the most irritating thing I noticed in TDCi Titanium+ (the diesel top model) while driving that the deadpedal/footrest is of no use!
The clutch pedal is hanging so awkwardly that I was not able to put my normal leather shoe (quite narrow shaped) on the deadpedal. Clutch pedal was interfering with a smooth movement of my feet in that narrow space.

+ve points IMO:
  • High seating position
  • Sound Deadening/Low NVH @ normal speeds
  • Dashboard
  • Thud from doors; Solid Built
  • Initial Pickup; gathered momentum decently in second gear with slightly higher revs
  • Torque is pretty good; managed to pull it from 20ish onwards in third with AC
  • Braking is very effective for speeds in range of 50kmph or so (ABS is there, I guess, in top model)

-ve points IMO:
  • Noisy engine during high revs in second gear
  • Lack of space for third passenger in rear seat
  • Less legspace in rear
  • Gap between back of rear seats and parcel tray
  • Engine almost stalled twice while trying a start in second gear, but it revived on its own with a jerk!
  • Rear seats doesnot fold 100% in base Ambiente model. A double/complete folding seat (with 60:40 split) is available only in Trend & Titanium trims.
  • Tyres' tread pattern is not upto my liking
  • Overall fit & finish of interiors is not equivalent to a car of this stature!
  • Steering is thin and filmsy! IIRC, it was not even leather wrapped! :eek:

Prices will be announced today at the official launch at 12:30PM.