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Nice stone masonry work. Other than that nothing can be said as there are no clues as to the identity of the monument.


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Some panoramas I tried at Red Fort:

Diwan-I-Am (at left) and Naubat Khana (at right). A stitched pic of 7 pics clicked in landscape mode.

Diwan-I-Khas (under renovation). A stitched pic of 9 pics clicked in portrait mode. This is my first attempt at creating a panorama of portrait pics.

Jharokha at Diwan-I-Am. A stitched pic of 6 pics. I clicked pics in portrait mode in a 2x3 grid format and stitched them together. Again, my first attempt at clicking pics in a grid format.

As the Jharokha is covered in a net (see), there is a small hole on the right side (probably created by some photographer to click pics :) ). I also used the same hole to click all pics of the panorama. Here is the full resolution pic.

Any feedback, comment, or suggestion is appreciated.