Frauds - Call or SMS or Online via Olx FB Whtsapp Twitter Social Media etc


Plz Help Himabuj (Amit Tyagi) in Corona Fighting
There are many types of Call Frauds. I have been looted by only receiving calls / miss calls that I replied / etc.
These days such frauds are open & happening everyday to me or you also.

Now days +447937947111......................:shock::shock:
+44 starting Numbers are fraudulent...................:shock::shock:

When you attend this call from mobile, Call gets disconnected.
You worry about the some important call or business call or what is wrong with my mobile.
You call back this number.
PER SECOND - HUGE AMOUNT IN RUPEES not paise ..:shock::shock:

The Number Holder is getting GOOD AMOUNT for receiving this call &
Mobile Service Provider Company also gets the HUGE SHARE.

This type of call is made by automated call system by computer, that gets disconnected when you pick it.
Because it not to make call but makes you to worry about its importance. It prompts you to CALL BACK this number making FRAUD by making HOLE IN MOBILE BILL or PREPAID AMOUNT.

This happened to me often these days more than 7-8 times in this month.

Earlier years, I had this +37 number fraud, deducting Rs.30 per minute made from computer.

This was the Russian Country Fraud. When somebody receives call from this NO. Rs.30 per minute was deducted from his account. Authorities got alert with this fraud.

But Fraud Makers are more advanced, they invent new fraud or RIDE to any Opportunity......... :shock::shock:
If you know more about such FRAUDS please inform it here...........:eek::eek:

Edit :
After Social Media's popularity Frauds are happening via these by these apps / platforms also.
There are many types of frauds going on in name of KYC, Discounts, Better returns etc.
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Its not Russian. These calls are being routed through channels and they make a copy of your sim.

All these fraud are being operated from Nigeria.


Plz Help Himabuj (Amit Tyagi) in Corona Fighting
In STD OR ISD Codes +37, it appeared to be the Russian Country code. There was much info on Internet. This happened by computer call or VOIP type call, offer given by some site. Hence Blame goes on Some Country.
I make it clear that, I received so call Russian Call &
the Telecaller was offering some prize taking in PURE HINDI for 3 Minutes with me.


Vikas Bhadauria
44 Is UK ISD code. i too got calls from pakistani numbers asking to deposit money in Pakistani bank ac to support jihadi groups. :shock: .. The calls stopped coming after i reported this to SP office.


Plz Help Himabuj (Amit Tyagi) in Corona Fighting
Pakistani Mobile Calls are more prominent Fraud or Mishappening in Western UP area or may be other as I got this news in Newspapers / TV etc........:eek::eek:

- - - Updated - - -

Today I got 2 Calls from +44.

+44793794711 at 3pm - attended. It shows 1 sec of call in my Mobile. No Call back.
+44793794715 at 7pm - not attended, I see the number in time, not responded


Plz Help Himabuj (Amit Tyagi) in Corona Fighting
Today I received Miss Call from +92 3320636803 at 1.45pm.
This is from Pakistan. NO CALL BACK.


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LOL Satinder jee, looks like your number is a hot property amongst scamsters. You are receiving calls almost every day :)

Seriously talking, I do hope you can get rid of them

All the best:)


Plz Help Himabuj (Amit Tyagi) in Corona Fighting
+16077350870 - at 15.30 Hrs, 29 August 2012. Got Call by this No. - Not Replied.
+16075628977 - at 10.50 Hrs, 22 August 2012. Got Call by this No. - Not Replied.

Internet Search indicates - These Number may be from USA
+1 - USA
607 735 0870

+16077350870 -
Caller Name: Pay Phone (Get Owner's Name and Address)
Caller Location: 100 E Church St, New York, USA
National Format: (607) 735-0870
Reports: 1

Unknown Caller: Computer Scammer.
Wanted to get Information from Hard Disk.

Unknown Caller: Computer Scammer. Windows getting Virus:
1 618 462 8724, 1 607 5628977, 607 734 9187
Calling from above No., 1 Person

All No. Started from +1 or other want to get info from You.

For Shrewd Business, Data, Windows etc Computer Scammers are using these Numbers.