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To Regulate International Fraud via SMS & Calls.
TRAI has given the order to Telecom Companies.
Prepaid Mobile No. will not get ISD Facility, till they Request to do so.

Source- Hindustan Times:
Pre-paid mobile Nos to lose ISD facility soon - Hindustan Times

Telecom regulator Trai has asked telecom companies to de-activate the international calling facility in pre-paid numbers and restore it only after a subscriber gives his explicit consent to avail this facility. "Inform all pre-paid subscribers having ISD facility, through SMS, within 10
days of the date of issue of this direction, that ISD facility of the subscribers shall be discontinued after sixty days," Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Trai) said in a directive to telcos.

"If such subscribers want to continue with ISD facility, they should give their explicit consent for availing such facility within 60 days of the receipt of the SMS," it added.

Trai has issued this directive following complaints from consumers about missed calls from international telephone numbers which are often premium numbers charging high tariff, prompting the consumers to make call to such numbers.

Trai said it has also been receiving complaints from consumers about receiving calls and SMSes from international numbers informing them about winning of prizes or lottery and prompting consumers to call a particular number to claim the prize or lottery money.

"These numbers are international numbers, which are often premium numbers charging higher tariffs. By responding to such calls/SMS the consumers have to pay unintended charges," Trai said.

The regulator has asked telecom operators to inform subscribers through SMS, within 10 days of the direction, that pre-paid cellular mobile telephone service consumers need not respond to all missed calls from unknown international numbers or calls about winning prizes or lottery.

Trai has asked telecom service providers to send such SMS to consumers every six months and provide easy and transparent opt-in and opt-out facility to the consumers of the cellular mobile telephone service for activation or deactivation of ISD facility.


Plz Help Himabuj (Amit Tyagi) in Corona Fighting
AIRTEL PRECAUTION SMS on 13 September 2012 - to me.
The Impact of TRAI Order.

AIRTEL SMS Language-
Suraksha Chetavni:Airtel aisi koi bhi calls nahi kar raha jisme aapko mobile kuch ghanton ke liye band karney ke liye kaha jaye. Aisi calls se bachein.
(Precaution: Airtel is not calling anybody to switch off your mobile for some hours. Avoid them.)
Lottery/inaam jitne ki ghoshna aur +91 se shuru naa hone wale kisi anjaan number se SMS ya miss call farzi ho sakti hain. Aisi calls/SMS ko andekha kijiye.

(Lottery / Prize winning & Numbers not starting from +91 can call or SMS you, they may be FAKE or Fraud.
Avoid them.)

+91 is India's Starting Number for recognition that this Number is calling or SMS from India.


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Got call from +29352860

Yesterday I got a call from +29352860, since I have been hearing about some shitty buzz of fraud calls I didn't pick it.

Any idea from where could have it come?

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Re: Got call from +29352860

I am sure , The above call originated from a IP phone...So tracking it will need some help from authorities....Forget about it ...or better report it on TRAI 's website..that the best you can do ...

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Re: Got call from +29352860

What is the buzz about fraud calls?
I think the best way to judge was to answer the call and probably enlighten others.


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Re: Got call from +29352860

i got a call from a similar number , the guy was hell bent to give me Rs 1 crore as a lottery prize from Airtel and asked me call some Intl. no. to claim the prize money , i didn't buy his story and hang up the phone. He introduced himself as a Airtel costumer service executive. He sounded like a pakistani , i can tell that because he used a Marathi Surname and communicated in punjabi accent with a dash of Urdu words (the words which we don't use frequently) . There was a rumour also that terrorists colons your SIM when you dial a specific no starting from +92; #90 or #09,. Dont' know if its true.

Apart from this call i've won BMW n number of times. :)