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Leh'd and how!
Recently, I dropped my camera and the broke the flash lock, that is, the flash wont stay back in the designated slot and kept popping out. This made shooting at Manual mode impossible without holding the flash down.
I took the camera to a Nikon Service Centre (Gurgaon) and got it repaired under warranty. It was a smooth affair, took about 3 working days and I had the camera working perfectly fine. Also, since it was under the Company's 2 year warranty, I didn't have to pay a penny for the same.
But when I saw the bill, I literally jumped through the roof.

The labour charges on the 'replacement' of a :r:450 lock was a whooping :r:2800 (before taxes). Just to reiterate, I wasn't asked to pay anything as it was covered under warranty.
But the very pricing basis of their labour charge could burn a big hole in a camera owner's pocket once the warranty runs out.

Parallely, a guy came with an old P&S and LCD replacement was quoted at :r: 4000 + taxes. I asked for a replacement of mirror for my camera and I was told 5000 + taxes (out of which 3000 were labour charges). Heck, lens cleaning was quoted at :r: 1600.

My question here is, is such a price worth the effort that goes into it? Or they are just exploiting the fact that no other specialized camera repair option exists in the market? The grey markets are obviously there, but reliability is a concern!

In addition to that, what was shocking was the way they handle the priceless cameras of their customers. The receptionist at the service centre returned my MMC, battery and the camera cap. I told her she can put it on, I can leave it here. She paid no heed to that and kept the camera on the table while she processed the receipt. Later, the camera was put into a zip lock plastic pouch, fastened by a rubber band! :|
This was completely unacceptable and I told her she needs to handle it with a lot of more care. No response. She tells me "this is the norm, and the plastic zip lock is safe enough".
My apprehensions were confirmed when I received the camera after repair. There was a tiny hair on the sensor, visible on the LCD and the pictures. I immediately took some shots of a white wall at max. aperture to check the damage, but that was all.
Upon bringing it to their attention, a technician showed up, checked the hair, removed the lens, and walked around the reception area without a cap! :|
5mins later, he came back, maybe after blowing some air on the sensor. The hair was gone, so was my patience!

I once again complained to the technician and the receptionist and wrote it down on their feedback form, hoping for an action! Alas, the response was still the same!

Again, my question is, is this really the norm around? And is it safe enough?
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Hi zack,
I hate Nikon service as much as you but not for the reason you quoted. I would not worry for that behavior at the service center.
First of all, you are fortunate that Nikon serviced your camera for free because fixing a dropped camera does come under warranty. The labor charges are high, but that is what it is and it is same with other manufacturers also. And why do want the service center to baby your camera? It is a machine not a heart for transplant.:grin: Don't worry, it is normal. You must see how pros handle their cameras.
Dust on the sensor is inevitable and one should learn to clean it. It is easy to clean. It's a part of DSLR photography.


With Nikon service, you have no choice but to sulk. I would rather clean the sensor myself than to go to the Nikon center. And that's indeed the norm, they deal with multiple cameras at a time and keep them on the plastic bag. If you go there once, you would never want to go there again. A colleague of mine was quoted an atrocious price for few minor repairs for his D5000. Of course he can neither sell it off nor get it back to a state where it was earlier without spending considerable amount of money on it. The cost was so substantial that he decided to buy another body (D5100) than to repair his old camera.

Nikon has one of the worst services as well as pricing for their equipment. It is indeed a pity to see Canon and Nikon ruling the roost in the DSLR market. Heck, even for a camera worth 2000 USD, the D600, they didn't even bother to acknowledge the Oil leak issue that were reported around the globe. After much criticism, all that they said was to get the sensor cleaned at their service center for free, as if they were returning a favor to the customers. At such price tag, people expect a product to be virtually infallible and without faults but Nikon has a habit of taking its customers for a ride. I wish somebody could take them heads on, Sigh!


Leh'd and how!
More than this being a standard price across the industry, its more about whether it is worth the investment the manufacturers are putting in servicing the equipments or they are just enjoying the monopoly of technical knowledge? Its more of a fixed labour price for any kind of repair, which Nikon has set at 2800! At the reception, they have stationed a placard which says "inspection charges - Rs. 295/-".

Regarding the handling of the camera, I believe these things are high value items. What if Nikon sells FF cameras worth 5,00,000 a piece, even a humble D5100 is a sensitive equipment and is pretty expensive on its own. Forget the pricing, one expects the service centre staff to atleast understand the fragility of the camera. I'm not sure how many pros visit the service centre and are okay with that sort of handling, but I'm not!

Funny part is, I witnessed people coming in with their cameras and being perfectly ignorant about with the handling. They were carrying their lenses without caps while the camera was being inspected! Maybe I'm a minority with my complaints! -_-


Journey Never Ends....
I had given my Nikon to Okhla Phase 3 service center to make some correction on some buttons which are not working properly. After two days when I went to collect the camera I had found some dust inside mirror. At the time when I give my cam to service center guy that was clean as new and I put Cap provide to cover mirror front, removed that and give back to me told that we pack it in a poly bag no need to worry about that. But at the time of delivery when show them the dust they take the cam and after 20 minute returns back in a poly bag. I again check the cam now more dust :( I complain them what is this, its not the good way to handle cam. Now after cleaning you are returning me the cam with more dust on mirror. The service guy's answer was total stupid that this can happen as tissue paper left some traces on it :mad: It mean they are cleaning with tissue I again give back to him and after another 15min he returned back cam to me as I was getting late I check again its ok only OK not that good. I left the service center because I don't want to ruined more of my cam by them.


Rana, thats sad. Unfortunately it is a norm with these guys. Be it Delhi, Bangalore or anywhere else, they treat your equipment as if it was a piece of junk for them. Of late, Nikon has compromised on QA and it is clearly evident on the issues being reported on D600, D800, etc. Moreover, the worst part is their failure to acknowledge the issues.

Yogesh Sarkar

Have you guys complained to Nikon through email or letter? If not, then please do that. Generally companies are quite receptive to feedback and while a complaint or two may not make them change their ways, enough complaints can.
At Least a Customer may not be important but many complaints from different areas of India will surely make them raise their standards.
This may take some time for management for few months to more than 6 months.
But it will certainly make them think over the meetings they have after regular intervals.
It may increase the costs next time with better handling solutions.