Fundraiser: Our moderator, Amit Tyagi (ID: hiambuj) is in ICU... (now deceased)


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I don't have words..... Kya kahoon ...??
Feeling so bad...... I logged in today after so many years .... just to read this bad news.
Amit Sir was one of the most humble and helpful person of BCMT.
I know good souls like him go to heaven. He must be in arms of God.
Praying for his family members


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Me too logged in after so many years , thought of seeing who are still active in this forum and if possible touching base with old friends.
But this has been such a bad shock

Like Yogesh , I dont think it was time for Amit bhai to leave us
I still remember Amit ji positing his thoughts on threads as if it was just yesterday .

This is is real sad,
Was this related to COVID ?

Neha bhabi if you are seeing this , please accept my deepest condolences .

Vipin Singh Rawat

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Rest in peace Amit bhai. I did not know that I will see this terrible news after logging in. I regret not coming here for a long time. YS is gone, you are gone, not sure what is happening. I usually take offence when someone calls me oye pahadi but you were like a big brother and I always felt good when you call me that. I can only say "What coffin he must fit in, a man who contained a lot". It was a pleasure knowing you brother.

mohit goyal

bus yaden hi reh jati hain
parmaatma aapki atma ko shanti de. or aapke pure parivar ko is dukh ko sehen karne ki shakti de, om shanti shanti shanti
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Jaane chale jaate hai kahan, Duniya se jaane wale,
Kaise dhoonde koi umko, nahin kadmon ke bhi nishaan.

Amit Bhai was a great friend, always helpful to others.
I logged after a long time & see this very terrible news.
First Yogesh Sarkar now Amit really departed, these are big losses for Friends.
I pray to God, may his soul rest in peace.