Future of Cliff Hanger Road Section ?


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Details of the Cliff Hanger and the upper by pass.
Image clicked after we crossed it, so the image is from Killar side,
we came from Padder/Gulabgarh.

2X2A2594 Cliff Hanger secton marked.jpg


last year we were really unlucky not to be able to cross the Cliffhanger section from Killar side. lots of debris and slides happened due to new road works on the upper section. We could just enter the cliffhanger but could not traverse on main cliffhanger section. Now i fear we may never be able to cross it again :(

this is the point from where we had to turn back
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Go on 2 wheeler whenever Lockdown Quarantine opens !
You may get chance !


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Go on 2 wheeler whenever Lockdown Quarantine opens !
You may get chance !
yes, bike may be the only hope now,
however, with monsoons approaching, and with lockdown,
and with things getting worse, as the peak is expected in Nov,
the Cliff Hanger would have degraded badly even for a 2 wheeler to go.
so this year is finished.
I have serious doubts you can go it anymore.
Another problem will be that with the upper road finally ready,
they have had to cut into the mountain to make it,
so with the monsoon approaching, they will have some landslides or rock fall on upper road,
and they will concentrate their effort to keep bypass open as it is an easier option,
and that is why money was spent on the upper bypass.

So wish you all the best. the sooner you go on a 2 wheeler,
the better your chances of still doing it.
Some metros that were opening up, are again going into lock down.
You will be lucky if the state will allow entry this year at all.

Happy Lansings.