Future supercars to say goodbye to gasoline


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You nailed it on its head!!!=D>:-D Awesome explanation on one of the most trending topics!! very insightful:prayer:

Ten years from now, I will still be driving a gasoline car.

The future of electric vehicles is not very bright.

Such things will be nearly impossible to implement in India. India cannot even operate its banks without scams. The infrastructure mentioned above will be a security risk for the whole country due to hackers messing things up.

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America always puts "barriers to entry" for foreign products so that they have to customize their products for American markets. America does not use metric standards, uses 110 Volts electricity, uses different privacy laws, and uses technology innovations so that it remains unique. The US military protects America from bad actors around the world. The US space command is created because soon companies will start using private satellite networks and foreign actors may target the US economy by attacking its satellite networks.

No country in the world has such committment to its economy. America has free markets but American protectionism comes from Capital and Technological barriers to entry. To enter American markets, foreign actors need to put in huge capital investments to make their products competitive. Unfortunately, these socialist corrupt governments around the world do not have money and tax their organizations heavily to take a larger share of their profits to stiffle innovations.

Europe, India and China all want to reduce their dependency on oil. They are large markets as well so the talk of EV is remains for a long time, but none of these governments have the resources or commitments necessary to implement the infrastructure. Paris accord was there to make America pay lion's share. However, Europe, China, and India want to take the money and start their own EV companies and tax US cars heavily. Taking money from the government and using it is a part of socialist culture. People do it without feeling guilty at all. In America, that is not an acceptable culture. So, America won't pay. At least not without gurantees that American cars will not be subjected to import taxes.